Solar technology has gained a lot of popularity in the last decade. This is mostly thanks to the massive leaps of advancement that this technology has enjoyed. Solar power is great for the environment and now also very practical.

Why is the world going crazy about solar power? Because this energy source ticks all the right boxes. Solar energy is sustainable, produces emissions, and it’s far cheaper. It has the potential to end the energy crisis debate if developed properly. Solar power has been around for a really long time. But it became practical only a little while ago. Before that, solar technology was far too expensive to make.

The interest in solar power has grown for another reason as well. The world’s energy consumption is climbing at a rapid pace. Fossil fuel based power plants simply will not be able to meet this demand very soon.

Let’s go through some really cool facts about solar energy. We’ve complied a list of 10 facts that will prove to you why solar energy is so amazing.

Solar Energy is Eco-Friendly

Solar power relies on sunlight as a fuel source. Sunlight is an infinitely available and can be used without any processing. The process of converting sunlight into solar power is really simple as well. It doesn’t produce any harmful emissions or by-products that can be damaging for the environment.

Basically, solar energy is produced without leaving any impact on the environment. This makes it a green source of energy.

You Can Decrease Your Dependence on Commercial Power

Solar technology gives us the ability to harvest and use our own power. We don’t need to rely on commercial electricity. Depending on your solar grid’s size, you can decrease your dependence on commercial power and even go off-grid.

Investing in your own solar grid is a great option for anyone who is environmentally conscious. It’s also a popular choice amongst people who live in portable homes and like going off the grid.

Solar Power is Completely Free

Once you recover the initial cost of your solar grid, your energy becomes completely free. Sunlight is available everywhere and to everyone. You don’t need any special tools in order to harvest it either. Basically, you won’t have to worry about fuel costs for your solar grid. As for maintenance and repairs, these aren’t a big problem either. Solar panels are low-maintenance and have extremely long lives. Solar grids are very easy to install and take apart as well.

Provides a More Resilient Energy Option

Solar technology is being quickly integrated with a variety of devices. We have access to devices that don’t need electrical wiring in order to function. These kinds of devices can be great for places where there’s harsh weather or excessive moisture. For instance, maintaining regular lights in your garden can be difficult. However, if you replace them with solar lights then maintenance becomes easier. Solar lights, foundains or chandeliers don’t rely on external wiring. This makes them more resilient to wet conditions.

Great For Use in The Wild

Solar integrated devices can be left in the wild without any problem. They have the ability to keep functioning without anyone taking care of them. There’s a huge variety of devices out there that use solar technology in order to function on their own. The wildlife preservation community really benefits from these kinds of devices. They can be left in the open for monitoring wildlife without anyone having to check up on them. This decreases the amount of human activity in wild areas.

Solar Energy is Useful in Emergency Situations

Setting up a solar grid is quick and easy. This makes it a very flexible power producing option. In emergency situations, solar grids can be setup in order to meet energy needs. TESLA proved this when they setup solar grids in areas that were hit by the hurricane.

In situations where power plants get damaged or their fuel supply gets disrupted, solar power can provide reliable backup.

Solar Energy Can Power Vehicles

Electric vehicles have been undergoing development in the past few years. And now they are becoming a major option that can replace conventional vehicles. Solar power has the ability to charge these electric vehicles. This development will make transportation affordable and also more environmentally friendly. There are already a number of companies that are developing solar powered vehicle charging solutions.

In the near future, we can expect to see solar energy powering more than just cars. And what’s amazing about this development is that it can do so much for our environment by reducing carbon emissions.

Solar Energy Relies on a Universal Fuel

Unlike petrol and coal that needs to be mined, processed, and shipped to different regions, sunlight is everywhere. The earth gets enough sunlight per hour to provide the entire planet with enough solar energy for an entire year. The only reason why we aren’t harnessing all of this energy right now is because solar technology is still being perfected.

Solar Panels Weigh Very Little

Solar panels (the main component of solar power) are really lightweight. This makes transporting them really easy. It also gives us a lot of options for how we can use them. They can be installed on rooftops, walls, and even on smaller structures. You can even add a bunch of solar panels onto your car’s roof without worrying about weight.

Solar Energy Can Also Be Used to Produce Heat

Electricity isn’t the only thing that solar energy can produce. You can also convert sunlight into heat. This use for solar power is really great for people who like to camp. You can use reflectors to concentrate sunlight in one spot and greatly increase its heat.


Solar technology is amazing and brimming with potential. It can provide us with a sustainable and environmentally friendly method of producing power. Apart from being so eco-friendly, solar energy can bring down the costs of energy as well.

If we talk about the future, solar power is the best option that we have. It can help us save the planet and also increase our energy efficiency.

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