These days it has become increasingly important for people to think of ways in which they can preserve our planet. After all, the damage that we have been doing to it has been quite catastrophic in a lot of ways. Reversing the damage is becoming increasingly difficult, so figuring out ways to stop further damage from occurring is the least that we can do as a species. It can also be a good starting point from where we can go on to do more to save the environment and our planet.

One of the most effective ways to prevent any further harm from coming to the planet has to do with changing the energy that we use. Instead of relying on fossil fuels we should ideally use renewable energy sources with solar power being one of the most prominent examples of something like this. We should start off by first defining what exactly solar energy is, and the answer to this question is really quite simple. Solar energy is basically any kind of energy that comes from the sun, usually from solar radiation that is present in the light and heat that we obtain from the sun.

Now, the sun is a limitless source of energy but it’s important to note that we can’t really use all of the solar energy that we get. Most of it is dissipated through our atmosphere as well as clouds and the like. That said, the energy that we do receive is enough to give every single person on this planet enough power to do pretty much anything they would like. Not only can it power the entire planet, it is a renewable resource which means that we won’t have to keep looking for more. It is also a very clean form of energy which makes it very different from using fossil fuels such as oil and gas. These fuels are efficient but they tend to wreak havoc on our planet if we use them too often.

Solar energy is absorbed and then utilized through the use of special solar panels. These panels contain photovoltaic cells that are able to convert solar energy into usable electricity. However, these kinds of cells are also present in other appliances such as the solar oven which uses primarily thermal energy that is derived from the sun. This indicates that heat can also be generated through this abundant energy resource, something that can’t be said for most other energy sources that people tend to use.

This displays the two ways in which solar energy can converted into what is called solar power. You can either absorb the energy and convert it into electricity or you can use the thermal energy that it contains to provide heat which in and of itself is useful. Now that you understand how solar power works, you should check out these 10 reasons why it is such a great energy source that you should definitely switch to.

#1 It’s Cost Effective

A common criticism people make against the use of solar power is that it is too expensive. This opinion generally comes from a surface level analysis of how much it costs to get solar panels and the entire setup installed.

It is true that the initial costs for solar power are going to be high, however people seem to forget that setting up power in any home is going to cost money no matter what. If you eschew the power grid in favor of solar power then the costs are comparable, but it is not the initial cost that should really be analyzed here.

Solar power means that you would get free electricity after the setup, so the initial cost is pretty much the only cost. Hence, this is a much more cost effective solution than getting ridiculous electricity bills every single month.

#2 It’s a Constant Power Source

We are once again going to be dispelling a misconception about solar power here. This misconception is that it only works during the daytime. It can be easy to see where this misconception has come from but it is also important to note just how simplistic it is.

Solar power can only be collected when there is daylight present but this power is then collected in batteries. This means that even when the sun goes down or when it is cloudy, you still would have enough electricity in your reserves that you would be able to make it through.

This is favorable compared to power grids where problems happen all the time. With solar power you would be getting your own electricity so the chances of the power going out are far lower than they would be if you had a traditional setup.

#3 It’s Good For The Planet

These days pretty much everybody wants to be a superhero. However, one thing that we need to realize is that sometimes being a hero isn’t anything flashy like putting on a costume and punching bad guys. Rather, it involves making sensible choices that are going to help the world. Using solar power can help save the planet, and going for this choice definitely does make you a bit of a hero.

This is an energy source that utilizes a natural ingredient and it doesn’t emit anything nasty in the process either. You also don’t need to mine and ruin the planet to obtain this energy resource which helps prevent unnecessary damage from occurring to the planet. Making a decision like this can help make the planet safe for future generations all of whom would thank you for your contribution.

#4 It Prioritizes Human Health

The combustion of fossil fuels emits all kinds of noxious gases and toxins all of which can be enormously harmful to the human body. Carbon monoxide is one of the primary gases released in large quantities and it can cause headaches, dizziness and nausea if you breathe too much of it in. Carbon dioxide is also released, and while this is also somewhat harmful its true danger is that it contributes to the depletion of our ozone layer.

Fossil fuel combustion also produces mercury which is one of the most toxic metals out there. It can cause birth defects if pregnant women are exposed to it and this is just one of the many dangers it posses. Fossil fuel combustion really puts human health in danger which is why it is so important to look into solar power as an alternative since it does not endanger human life at all.

#5 It Can Lead to Economic Independence For Countries

There are a few countries in the world that collect and export oil. Because the whole world relies on oil as a power source, these countries have a substantial amount of power. This normally wouldn’t be an issue but countries that are reliant on the supply of oil are beholden to countries that product and export it.

If a switch to solar power is made, many countries would become much more independent. They would be able to generate their own electricity rather than being reliant on other countries that would provide oil with several strings attached. This can create a lot of discord in global power dynamics but it can help take power away from the few and give it to the many. This is a shift in power that needs to happen on a global scale and solar power can actually make it happen.

#6 It’s Resistant to Damage

This is a benefit that many people don’t talk about as much as they should. Solar panels are extremely durable, and they don’t have a lot of moving parts. The lack of parts means that the chances of damage occurring are even less than they might have been otherwise. When you buy solar panels you will get a warranty alongside them. This warranty would mean that you can use them for 20 years without expecting any issues at all.

What’s more is that the panels themselves are so durable that if you get them installed on your roof they may actually bolster overall durability. If other parts of your roof get damaged over time, your solar panels might continue to last without suffering anything serious. A 20 year guarantee is something that only the highest quality roofing provides in any case.

#7 It Doesn’t Waste Electricity

One thing that a lot of critics of solar power don’t like being reminded of is that current power grids are extremely inefficient. This is not a byproduct of fossil fuel usage but rather centralized power grids in general. The further away the home is from the central power source, the more energy would be wasted before it reaches the person that is using the electricity.

This is something that won’t happen if you use solar power. Solar panels installed on top of your house are going to send power directly below. This means that there won’t be a chance for any power wastage, something that would reduce overall wastage as well. This makes the use of solar power far more efficient than any traditional forms of energy that people have been using.

#8 It Can Earn You Money

The great thing about solar panels is that they produce a lot of energy. In fact, unless you are really using a lot of electricity it is unlikely that you would end up using all of the energy that your solar panels can generate. You might assume that this energy is all going to get wasted but this is not actually the case.

The truth is that you can get net metering done that allows you to analyze how much energy is left that you have not used. You can then send this energy back into the power grid and you will get credits in exchange for this.

This is one way in which you can earn money from the use of solar power. You can also potentially sell energy to your neighbors although there might be laws and regulations that would restrict something like this no matter how practical it might actually be.

#9 It Utilizes Land Intelligently

While there is no shortage of land since this is a huge planet, some land is better than others. For example, there is a lot of land that is barren and can’t be used for agriculture. It is not particularly aesthetically pleasing either so no one would want to live there. It is also far away from urban centers which means that pretty much no one is going to want it. This land might seem useless to you but if you use it smartly you could get an amazing result out of it.

This land would be cheap so it can be bought for a low price and a solar farm can be set up on it. This means that otherwise useless land can be cheaply converted into an energy producing powerhouse!

#10 It Can Cool Your House Down

You might assume that solar power can only be used to generate heat and this makes it useful only in cold areas. However, this is not entirely true. You see, solar panels can provide an insulating affect for a home. Since it absorbs much of the solar radiation and thermal energy that would have otherwise hit your roof, it can reduce the overall temperature of your home as well. This can help save you electricity as well since you probably won’t be using it to cool your house down. Solar panels are therefore a great option for people regardless of what their ambient temperatures might be.

Bonus Reason: It’s in Fashion

From the solar powered road in the Netherlands all the way down to solar pond lights, solar tech is becoming increasingly common. You have lamps and stoves and swimming pool heaters as well as a number of other kind of uses that people have found for this technology. This has made it apparent that solar power is most certainly in fashion, and this is a trend that is likely never going to go away.

There are many cool solar innovations like solar pond lights, solar powered fountains and solar camping lanterns.

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