In this article, we’ll learn about salaried, and how can you make it easily by following easy steps. The method we’re going to reveal in this article is the tried and tested method that comes from ancient civilizations.

The topic of solarized water has been brought to spotlight by famous artists, and scientists have tried to explain this. We’ll also discuss what solarized water actually is, and how you can benefit from it. There are also some of the best methods to produce solarized water that we’ve explained in this guide. There’s also a DIY method explained!

You can easily choose all the things needed to complete your kit online.

The Hype Around Solarized Water

The hype around solarized water a purely due to the fact that there is more information available on the topic than ever before.

We are now able to calculate the effects of sun on water. We’ll also see if differently colored glass bottles make any difference in the process and in the end results.

We also got in contact with religious scholars and saw how much of the sacred tradition is left. All this makes our guide comprehensive.

What is Solarized Water?

Solarized water is made by exposing regular water to sun in order to purify it.

When you place water under sunlight, the ultraviolet radiation and sun rays help in killing bacteria in the water. This is a great method to purify water.

Differently colored water bottles actually impact the way the sun rays pass through the water and change its composition. This method is currently being used by many people around the globe.

Chromotherapy and solarized water are used alternatively for spiritual practices around the globe. Solarized water is also used by people who only want to learn new methods of purifying water by using sunlight.

Let’s discuss the history of solarized water in the next paragraph.

A Brief History of Solarized Water

While the exact origin of solarized water technique is still unclear, it is believed that the technique has been around for centuries.

We can find the roots of this technique in ancient Chinese, Hawaiian, Ayurveda and Egyptian practices. All of these practices assume that solarized water can boost your health and increase your spiritual practice. In the Greek history, a similar method called Chromotherapy is mentioned. The word literally means “Treatment by colors”.

The chromotherapy technique explains how we can use differently colored water bottles to boost certain elements inside water to provide different benefits.

In Hawaiian tradition, a deep blue colored water bottle is used, and is believed to help connect you to a deity and help in spiritual healing.

Same thing is used in the drinks industry. The elements in Alcohol are preserved by using water bottles of a certain color.

People who use the solarized water technique are usually concerned about their own health. The water purified by this method is proven to be more beneficial and cleaner as compared to regular water. It is also the most environmentally friendly method of purifying water that is being used these days.

Sunlight kills bacteria in the water, and makes it fit for drinking. If the only thing you need is purification, colored bottles aren’t needed. You can also use transparent water bottles to purify the water if you don’t care about the tradition.

You can refer to this guide if you need the water purified for spiritual practices, for healing, or only for your health.

Scientific Evidence to Support Solarized Water

There are some studies that confirm the reliability of solarized water. The has been a study regarding the effects of differently colored wager bottles on the chemical properties of water.

The study concluded that sunlight exposure can have an impact on chemical properties of water. Color of the glass of water bottle also had an impact on the changes made in water.

Experiments were done by testing waters coming from differently charged water bottles, and they proved the effectiveness of solarized water on different things. The objects are affected at a biological level, and the results can be either neutral or beneficial.

Beer producers use differently colored water bottles like brown, green and black to avoid sunlight from changing the properties of water.

Perks of Solarized Water

Solarized water is used in chromotherapy, a method that suggests eating foods of different colors every day.

Chromotherapists suggesting solarized water prefer the use of differently colored water bottles. Since each body part in chromotherapy has a color associated to it, you can benefit different body parts by using differently colored water bottles. You can study more about the rainbow diet online.

Avoid using plastic bottles, as plastic can release toxic chemicals in the water if the bottle is left in sunlight for too long. Also, keep in mind that you should never use these methods as an alternative to prescribed medical treatments in severe illnesses.

What is The Right Time to Drink Each Type of Solarized Water?

While there is no specific usage instructions for solarized water according to the tradition, you can find your own good times by the information provided below.

Blue water is said to relieve stress. That is why you can drink it throughout the day to keep the stress off. You can also spray solarized water throughout your house and use it on your plants.

Yellow water is linked with decreasing your appetite, and you can drink it before taking meals in order to keep yourself healthy.

You can use red water in the morning since it is believed to help you with increasing blood flow in the body and increasing the brain activity.

Solarized Blue Bottle Water

There are some practices that deviate from the traditional three colors used in the old practice and mention that we should only use blue colored bottle solarized water.

In the Hawaiian traditions, the deep blue colors is used to get in contact with your subconscious mind. You can therefore drink this water before praying and meditation in order to make your mind clear.

The same tradition also believes that drinking blue solarized water can help in connecting your with the divine energy, and it also helps in the forgiveness ritual.

Blue water is the strongest scientifically proven water that can help in boosting your biological formation. That’s the main reason why blue color is usually advised in a majority of the traditions.

Being a part of the throat Chakra as well, blue color is associated with giving you the power of expressing yourself. Solarized water is also bacteria free, so, it helps your body in keeping away from diseases as well.

Blue water is supposed to bring you peace and satisfaction in the long run. However, if you don’t care about the tradition, you can still benefit from the solarized and purified water that is free of bacteria. You can use a water bottle with any color in this case, as sun kills the bacteria no matter what colored bottle is used.

Moreover, the usefulness of solarized water at the biological level are still not confirmed.

Let’s now discuss some steps to create solarized water.

Guide to Creating DIY Solarized Water

You can create solarized water in the comfort of your house, and that is a great thing.

The method mentioned below is pretty straightforward, and you can use any method provided out there on the internet. That is because the results will be the same.

Use Proper Kit

You can buy glass bottles of any preferred colors either online or through any store. You can choose any of the colors if you have a specific preference. You can also stick to the deep blue color.

Use a Breathable Cloth

For this, you can use a cotton or linen cloth since they are thin and breathable. Cover the bottles top with this cloth and secure it in place with a rubber band. The same cloth types are used in the jam making process and in fermentation as well. This will allow the toxins to escape the water as it starts purifying.

Choose The Right Place

You can now fill the water bottle with cold mineral water, cover it with a cloth a rubber band, and place it in a sunny spot in your house. You can use a window ledge for this purpose.

The Duration of Exposure

This won’t be as simple as it looks like. The duration of exposure depends on the type of windows you have, intensity of the sunlight, and also on the location you live in. So, you’ll actually have to calculate the exposure time yourself. There are some guidelines that you can follow foe the exposure times. In the summer season, you should put water under direct sunlight for at least an hour before consuming it. However, in winter, you should knave the water under sunlight for a whole day’s length before consumption. You shouldn’t leave the water for longer than 1 month under the sunlight.

Make a Schedule

At this point, you’ll have to create a rotation for the water bottles. People usually utilize one colored bottle per day, while other assign one prayer to every single day. You can use numbering, or any other technique that you think is appropriate.

Products to Produce Solarized Water

By now, you have developed a deep understanding if solarized water, where it comes from, what is its history, how it can benefit you, and how you can create it for your own usage.

However, since you’ll need different products in order to produce solarized water, you must practice precaution while doing so.

Choose your bottles carefully, as they will be a regular part of your routine. While choosing the bottle, you should consider your lifestyle and personal preferences.

If you go to the gym and other related places, you better buy two bottles. One to carry with you and one to keep in your house. Small flasks also work like a charm when you’re looking for portable options.

Solarized water is really easy to make, and you can create a little fun activity around it by doing it regularly. There are lots of quality products available online that you can choose from.

Alternative Uses

The common use of solarized water is for boosting your health and providing you with spiritual blessings.

Although this water is also being used in skincare practices, there has been no evidence of its benefits in that particular domain. But there aren’t any drawbacks of this water either, so, its definitely worth trying.

You can even use this water in your bath by mixing it with essential oils, or just using it in massage therapy.

Massage therapy should be done by using the color codes of the body parts as in chakra.

When we talk about the benefits of solarized water for your skin, there are no scientific evidences backing up any of the claims. But you can try the solarized water as there are no side effects of this water to your health.


We hope this guide can made a lot of things clear for you, and has increased your knowledge regarding the history, benefits, creation and alternative uses of solarized water.

In this article, we talked about the history of solar shared water, and its role in chromotherapy. We also explained the use of differently colored glass water bottles in the beverage industry and in the traditional solarized water technique.

The steps we mentioned to make solarized water is one of the simplest guides you’ll ever find online. It is a really easy to follow guide that you can benefit from anytime. Also, there aren’t much products involved in the process.

We also explained the meaning for different colors of water bottles in this method, and how they can target certain areas of your body as mentioned in the Chakra.

All this makes our guide brief yet, comprehensive on the mentioned topic, and can even be understood by a complete beginner.

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