The popularity of solar energy has sky rocketed in the recent years. There are lots of homeowners shifting to solar energy in the United States, and the number is only expected to rapidly rise in the upcoming years.

This hype is majorly because governments are introducing incentives to keep the prices of solar setups down, also, the technology is getting smarter everyday. Governments around the world are looking to economize electricity bills as well. That is why many people consider it suitable to shift for solar power.

While there are lots of factors like home size, your location and efficiency of the solar system that matter a lot, but generally speaking, you can expect to save around $30k in the lifetime of your solar system. But setting up a solar system in your house can be really expensive. High upfront costs are one of the main reasons why people hesitate to shift to solar systems. The solar systems that are a bit cheap will come without any warranties, and you can expect them to have very low efficiency. So, you can actually lose money instead of saving it.

When your solar setup is generating more power than you need, you can also sell it to the national grid and make some money in the process. But the payment for sold el3ctricity will depend on your area, and you won’t be paid in cash. You can later use the same amount of electricity from your national power grid free of cost.

Since your investment in solar energy will be long term, you should buy and set up a good quality solar system that would also for at least 30 years. Do not forget to invest in a good quality inverter, as it will determine the quality of your energy collection.

When you are about to invest in a solar system, you should consider everything from pricing of different parts, installation, warranties and so on. The efficiency should also be concerned.

Here are some benefits of having a solar system in your home.

Less Electricity Bills

It is one of the most obvious benefits of investing in a solar system. However, you will have to see if these savings on electricity bills are good enough to make an upfront investment for.

When it comes to the ROI, you can actually save much more than you initially invested on your solar setup. Governments around the world are providing their people with tax incentives if they use solar energy. Also, solar panels are at record low prices these days, and the price is expected to drop even further down the road. These two things will manage to return your initial investment.

To reduce your electricity bill, you will have to use high quality inverter. You can conveniently install a micro-inverter if you have a small roof.

The efficiency of your solar setup will depend on your location, weather and the actual efficiency of your solar panels. You can benefit a lot from the solar system if you live in a sunny area.

If electricity is expensive in your area, you can install a solar system on your roof and save up to $2000 on electricity bills every year. However, you must keep in mind that you will invest money upfront, and get the returns over time.

When you look at the bigger picture, conventional electricity is made by burning fossil fuels, so, as these fossil fuels decrease, the price of conventional electricity will rise. That is how you can justify the ling term benefits of having a solar system at your home.

However, since solar panels make electricity directly from sunlight, you won’t be getting electricity from your solar system at night. This problem can be solved by investing in high quality batteries that will store the excess amount of power for use at night.

Environmentally Friendly Alternative

Global warming a climate change is here, and every government is trying to cope with these global challenges with impacting their economies.

When you invest in solar power, you can investing for the betterment of our environment. Fossil fuels and other conventional energy creation methods are harmful for our environment, and they create water and air pollution. This is also the major cause of acid rain.

CO2 production in the atmosphere due to the burning of fossil fuels is the leading cause of global warming. It is constantly increasing the earth’s temperature.

The solar power related equipment you buy also have an R&D cost associated to them which helps the research on renewable resources to carry on. Currently, solar, wind and hydroelectric are some of the few available clean and renewable resources of energy.

Government knows that it is the initial cost of setting up a solar system that prevents many people from getting them. To encourage people to invest on solar power, government has introduced a 30% investment tax credit that you can also apply to your income.

Line losses in solar energy are non existent. These power loses are great in power grids where electricity has to travel a long distance to reach your house.

By installing a solar panel at your home, you will be playing your part in making earth a pollution free. However, we can achieve the desired results really fast if everyone start shifting to solar power. By doing so, we will be saving the lives of our future generations.

It is The Future

Accept it or not, but solar energy is the most feasible way of producing electric, and the cheapest way of replacing fossil fuels. Companies like Tesla are now producing electrify powered vehicles, because they know that solar power is the future, and fossils fuels are soon going away.

More and more appliances and vehicles that used to run on fossil fuel are now being converted to being fully or partially electric. People are also switching to solar power faster than ever, and we can safely say that solar power is the future. That is why you should convert to solar power as well.

Also, you should read and learn more about solar power since it is going to be a big thing in the future. This is best done by having a solar setup in your home. You can get educated about the solar energy while benefiting from it.

Also, after you invest in a solar system, you can expect it to last for 20-30 years. So, they are really durable.

You Can Sell Electricity

The newer versions of solar systems come with a feature that allows you to sell excess electricity to the national grid. However, you should keep your expectations pretty low, as you won’t be making a living out of it. Every areas has its own laws and the payout you can get through net metering.

Quality of the inverter used in your solar setup is the most important factor in determining how much power you will be able to send back to the grid.

Other things that matter as well are your location, the sunlight you receive, and some other things if you are serious about selling electricity to the grid.

Unless you have a whole solar farm, you shouldn’t look to sell the electricity. You should first try to reduce your own electricity bill as much as possible. Also, many electricity suppliers do not pay in cash, rather, they might offer you credits or other benefits in exchange of your electricity.

However, if you want to adopt this as a business, you can invest heavily on a solar farm and then you’ll be able to make some decent amount of cash. In this case, the quality of all the components used in your solar system will matter a lot.

You should seek professional advice before doing anything like this.

Helps Create More Jobs

If you install solar system in your house, you will be helping a large and labor-intensive industry. We should generally appreciate and support such industries because they are working for the betterment of whole humanity.

There are lots of small solar companies trying hard to make a space for themselves in the market. They continuously keep working hard and come up with smart solutions every year that help lots of solar system owners.

If you don’t have enough capital to invest in a large solar setup, you can easily buy individual solar panels over time and use them with micro inverters to maximize their benefits. You can use this small setup on your low steep roof.

You can also purchase solar umbrellas and solar lights. This will help both you and the solar energy industry.

Getting a solar setup installed in your house also means securing the jobs of some workers working in this industry for their living.

Get Rid of Power Outage

Many incidents around the world cause long electricity outages every year. You can avoid this inconvenience easily by investing in a solar system. Heating systems are also based on solar energy, and they are used in arctic areas. These are the areas in which it is impossible to live without these solar heating systems. Imagine having a power outage in such areas, that will be devastating.

You can simply invest in a solar system to make yourself independent and free of these power outages. Although the developed countries do not have the problem of power outages now, it can happen in the near future when fossil fuels start diminishing. You will survive even those times as well with your solar system.

Increases The Value of Your Property

Who isn’t interested about their property value increasing over time. Investing in a solar system increases the value of your property as well. This is a very useful benefit for you especially if you are planning on selling your property in the upcoming years. A careful estimate is 4% increase in property value after you get a solar system installed.

You can further make your house look futuristic by using appliances that are optimized for use with solar system.

In addition to the increased value of your property, you’ll also be able to sell it around 20% faster. So, you can safely invest in a solar system to increase the value of your house before selling it.

However, keep in mind that the price increase will depend on your area and efficiency of the solar system. In sunny areas, you can get more price increase due to the higher efficiency and more usability of solar systems.

If most of the houses in your area already have solar system, then investing in a solar system can make your house sell faster.

This was how having a solar system at your home can impact its resale value.

Use More Electrical Appliances Without Worrying

You must have heard that we should not leave any electrical appliances on when they aren’t in use. That is because the cost of electricity is high in many areas, and the bill can add up real quick.

However, when you invest in a solar system, you won’t have to worry about leaving those extra appliances on so much. Electrical appliances are getting more efficient with time, and you can run them for a ling time with your solar system. Even electrical cars are being introduced in the international market, and their prices are going down rapidly.

This is especially applicable if you live in cold areas like the arctic. This can take lots of stress off your brain.

It is Reliable

After installing a solar setup, you can expect your solar setup to last for at least 30 years if cared for properly. However, the maximum age of your solar panels might differ depending on various factors such as the weather conditions and quality of the material used in their production.

You can ask your solar panel provider about the degradation rate of your solar panels before getting them installed. They might provide you with a datasheet containing all the information you’ll ever need about your solar panels.

The manufacturers make solar panels in way that they last for a ling period of time before showing any signs of degradation. They also provide warranties and good after-sale services for the systems they provide.

Getting a system installed is usually an easy process, and there is no much maintenance costs associated. High quality solar panels degrade less. Usually, the average rate of degradation in solar panels is around 0.8%, while some high quality panels offer as low as 0.3% degradation rate.

There are also foldable and portable solar system that you can take with you on trips and camping. That is why they are really easy to work with, store or sell.

You Can Learn More About This Upcoming Technology

Although you can’t see solar systems being installed everywhere these days, you can still rest assured that solar energy is the only viable energy source for the future. Statistics prove that it will take over all the other types of power generation processes in the future.

You can acquire more knowledge about solar power by getting it installed in your own house. Maybe this knowledge will benefit you a lot in the future. You can even use this knowledge to start a solar system related business, or even land a decent paying job in the future.

Lots of things we use these days are rapidly converting to solar power. That is why having a solar system in your house is so beneficial.

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