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Solar power setups are very popularly used with RVs. These setups especially prove to be useful in long off-road trips. These 100-watt solar kit are popular for a reason. They can make your RV feel just like your home. So, no matter how away you are, you can enjoy the luxuries. As long as your […]

There’s something about vintage design that makes it look great in a variety of settings. Vintage lamps and light fixtures are especially appealing. They can make for superb additions in your garden. Today, we’re going to take a look at solar vintage lamps. Light fixtures that have old-school aesthetics and modern-day functionality. We’ve taken the […]

To a lot of people, sitting in the sun and taking away all the sunlight feels amazing. I can say the same about myself. However, you cannot say the same about all the time. Because high temperature and excessive sunlight is not really good for you. In order to tackle this, the best thing you […]

For someone who likes a well-lit ambience. The one thing that raises concern about using path lights is the energy cost. Even if you keep the cost aside, using lights for 10 hours or 8 hours a day is certainly a taxing situation. Especially for the environment. In such a case, buying solar power landscape […]

Solar animal repellent is an improvement over the older type of animal repeller. These devices are easy to install, and repel animal like dogs, cats, mice, rabbits, and birds. These animal repellers use solar ultrasonic pest repellent technology to work. They also make high frequency waves that help with the pests and animals living in […]