The subject of clean energy has been making the rounds in every circle for the past few years, however, the topic of solar energy has become even more relevant today. We can now see the destruction caused by non-renewable energy sources be it the dumping of waste in the ocean, the harmful emissions in the air, the smog, the current oil spill on the coast of Mauritius, etc. While we only knew gas and petroleum before, that is no longer the case. Solar energy was initially discovered in 1839 but we have now learned how to harvest and utilize it correctly.

Of course, if you want to learn more about solar energy and are currently looking for different resources you can look into, you can check out the following websites that we mention below:


PetersenDean is a website that is dedicated to creating solar energy-powered equipment that you can buy and use in your homes. They have established a good name for themselves in the industry so you know that you are buying from a recognized place.

One of the things they do provide and that makes them stand out from the rest is that customers can customize and design their solar equipment to meet their needs and preferences. PetersenDean also provides alternative ways you can power your home with solar energy, and you can view the status of your project on their website over time once you have placed your order. They also happen to have a variety of installation packages that customers can choose from.

PetersenDean has established a good name for itself and it will continue to stand out amongst its competitors because of its design, flexibility, creativity, and overall affordability.


Zenernet is a common name you will see in the world of solar energy, and this is because they are one of the biggest solar power brands in the market right now. They are not just providers of solar power, they also design and create solar-powered equipment as well.

Zenernet has made a name for itself because they happen to provide great hardware and some of the best-in-class panels today. Another reason why they happen to be so well-known is because of their transparent and competitive prices for their equipment, hardware, and overall setup.

Their website is pretty simple and straight-forward so you do not have to get confused or navigate through different mazes to get where you are. You can view their range along with their corresponding price and then place an order, where you can decide to either pay online or opt for the cash on delivery option. After you place the order, you will be contacted again to confirm the purchase.

Their website features all of the countries and areas where they distribute Zenernet products so you can see if there are any distributors in your region before making your order. So Zenernet is straight to the point and will not come with any frills and other unnecessary information.

The Solar Energy Industries Association

The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) has technically been present in the market for many decades. This is mainly a UK-based solar energy company that falls under the governance and jurisdiction of the UK, and it has made it possible for many homeowners in the UK to switch to solar power and energy.

The SEIA happens to offers a range of different services to their customers which includes social awareness, research, trading, finance and tax services, etc. Their website also gives you the option to put in your two cents on how solar energy can power all of the United Kingdom, so you get to give them your ideas as well.

While the SEIA has mainly been based in the UK, they are beginning to slowly move their business and services towards other parts of the world, which in their case happens to be in America. SEIA has made it possible for people in the UK and the US to transform their homes into solar-powered ones. The fact that SEIA is based both in the US and the UK, is providing competitive pricing and is working on expanding new regulations and rules regarding the use of solar energy are all reasons that should motivate you to check them out.


If we are talking about established names in the world of solar energy, then SunPower happens to be one of them. They are a name that has been operating in the market for the past decade, and they have made it possible for helping hundreds of customers in the United States make the switch over to solar energy.

Their website comes with an option where you can make inquiries about their product and choose from their many options. Another thing that makes SunPower stand out is the fact that they offer solar power-based houses, and this has led to more and more people garnering interest in their home building services. Their goal is to ultimately reach for a zero-carbon emission society, and they think that by opting for solar power-based houses we can reduce our carbon emission down to zero in the next decade. They also happen to offer a 25-year warranty on their products so you know that everything that you buy will last you a long time.

Their customer reviews serve as a testament to their services and achievements. So by checking out SunPower you can support a US service, construct houses that are powered by solar energy, buy products that have a 25-year warranty, and get the best possible price for the products.

The Solar Foundation

The Solar Foundation is a UK based non-profit organization that focuses on solar energy. If you check out the Solar Foundation website then you will that their goal and mission statement is to help convert and transform as many people as possible into the world of solar energy. They ultimately want to help create a future where people have integrated and opted for solar energy in multiple aspects of their lives. Since they are a non-profit they also have an option to donate to their cause, so that is something you can look into.

They have been operating in the business for the last two decades and have managed to change many lives with solar energy throughout different parts of the United Kingdom.

They have a separate community section that consists of all the people that have volunteered to dedicate their time and energy to the cause.

TSF has a great goal in mind and they provide affordably and in some cases even cheap solar energy solutions. They are working in different rural areas and making it possible to have access to electricity via solar power.


If we talk in terms of scale, then Sunrun happens to be one of the biggest corporations and names that is looking to change how you get your power. This is a company that has been in the game for the last 20 years, and it has garnered a lot of supporters during this time. If numbers impress you then it will please you to know that Sunrun assisted 255,000 customers from around the world so far via their customized services and products for their customers.

If you check out their website, you will see that out of the many services they offer, one thing that tends to stand out is the fact they are manufacturing solar-powered boats. They also happen to offer solar-energy solutions for multiple industries. Residential customers have 3 main purchase categories to choose from when they are going through the website and this includes a solar battery, solar lease, and solar purchase.

Sunrun has distributors located in 22 countries around the world, so they have made a global impression. So check out Sunrun for their unique products and services, and their ability to cater to both residential customers and people that work in industries as well.

Solar Power Europe

Solar Power Europe (SPE) is a renowned organization that is working to change people’s lives with solar energy in the continent of Europe. While this organization has initially had most of its operations and procedures localized to Europe, they are slowly beginning to expand into other regions like Asia and Africa.

This organization is hoping to change rules and regulations that surround solar growth in Europe, and they are also looking to promote solar energy to policymakers to make the transition to an economy that is 100% powered by solar energy.

They also happen to offer consultation services so if people want to make their home, school, farm, or transport solar, they can do that for you. Their website even features a section where they talk about the lives that have been changed by making the choice to go solar. They also offer hope because they also list down the number of possible jobs that can be created thanks to solar-based energy and that current number is at 120,000. So if you want to support solar energy policies and want to explore a future with solar-power, then you should check out the Solar Power Europe website.

SunLux Energy

SunLux energy happens to be a part of the top companies that manufacture solar panels for almost any building. SunLux’s website claims that they have made it possible to provide cheaper energy solutions to all of their customers and that they can customize it according to every customer’s individual needs and requirements. They have so far been able to accomplish that since they have managed to assist over 100,000 people by helping them switch over to solar energy.

While SunLux is mainly known for their work with solar panels, they have also expanded into creating units for their RV. They have been extending these services to different RV companies to help them build solar-charged controllers.

Their website also says that while SunLux already provides competitive pricing for its products and services, they are looking to find even cheaper solutions for solar panels that can absorb and store more energy than normal solar panels.

SunLux has raving customer reviews and it makes sense, so by checking out SunLux you are supporting businesses that are working on new technology and energy solutions while keeping things affordable for its customers.

Vivint Solar

If you are looking for global energy providers, then Vivint Solar is the name to look out for. While this solar energy product manufacturer is based in the United States, they can extend and provide their services throughout the world.

Vivint Solar has managed to stay in the game and relevant for the past ten years and they say this is because of their services and their affordability. Vivint Solar happens to manufacture solar panels, batteries, car chargers, etc. They are currently working on panels that can later be used as solar power banks so you can take them with you in case you need to use your solar-powered equipment and need solar energy for it.

Vivint Solar has also introduced a smart home that is fully powered by solar energy at a good price, and this is something they have gotten particularly well0known for in the United States.

Their website also allows you to get free price quotes on their products, and you can review the product before actually purchasing it. So Vivint Solar helps to provide cheaper solar energy solutions and is currently working on the manufacturing of solar power banks that can be carried and used for different solar-powered objects.

Solar Trade Association

It would be impossible to discuss non-profits that are dedicated to providing clean solar energy without mentioning the Solar Trade Association on the list. They have also established a reputation for their charitable work around the world.

Solar Trade Association is a website that is mostly based in the United States and the United Kingdom. Their actual mission to help support and facilitate the shift towards solar energy. They aim to help convert most of the UK to solar-based systems by 2030.

They happen to provide solar energy solutions on both a residential level and industrial level. Their product list includes solar power, solar battery and storage, and solar heat products, and this is not mediocre work because they have been awarded for their breakthroughs in all three solar products, plus their products have still managed to remain affordable. They will also provide free price quotes and updates to products in real-time on the website. All of these reasons plus the Solar Trade Association’s work in supporting parts of rural Africa by providing them solar-powered electricity has led to many people supporting this NPO and contributing to their overall sales. Low pricing, discounts, and special offers are just one of the many things offered by the Solar Trade Association.

Non-renewable energy can no longer have a place in our future, and we have seen the devastating impacts of non-renewable energy on the planet, so if we want to prevent a global disaster, making the switch towards clean, renewable energy like solar energy needs to be done.

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