EarthExcursion: A responsible weekend get-a-way that makes a difference.

EarthLife has teamed up with LooLa Adventure Resort for an unforgettable holiday service experience!  LooLa is unique in being an eco-resort that helps empower the local Indonesian community.  It is also a family-owned resort, with the owners being genuinely passionate about sustainability and designing the resort to embody that.  In fact, they’ve won many awards for their efforts.  See the images and video to learn more.

The trip that embodies all aspects of EarthLife.


Carbon Positive

When choosing this trip, we knew we had choose something that was flight-free.  But to get to carbon positive, we’re helping LooLa form a new mangrove restoration project in collaboration with Universitas Maritim Raja Ali Haji in Bintan.  You’ll get to meet Professor Henky and take part in planting new mangroves that form habitat and capture CO2!



Besides the mangrove restoration, we will help build a Safe Water Garden for a local family. This will help save lives and eliminate groundwater pollution in the area.  You also have the option of doing a homestay – which will help boost income of the Indonesian families.  Additionally, LooLa will donate 10% of the fees to help fund EarthFest’s charity work in Singapore.



LooLa is situated among mangroves and forests and the ocean’s intertidal zone.  At low tide you can do a seaflat walk to discover the diverse marine life.  You’ll be able to explore the local wildlife on walking tours.  A great way to connect with nature!

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-04 at 6.42.18 AM

Zero Waste

When we approached Loola about Zero Waste, they enthusiastically agreed and phased out all their straws, single use cups, saran wrap, and more.  There are water refill stations and they have started a zero waste area in their snack store.  On this trip, those that want to go zero waste will have no problems!

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Indonesia has a long tradition of plant-based foods bursting with flavor!  All of these come through in the menu for the weekend – featuring local ingredients and recipes by the Indonesian chefs.  Foodies get ready to try something new!



Part of minimalism is choosing experiences over material things.  In addition to the experiences already discussed, you’ll meet other people passionate about responsible living, experience Indonesian culture, try various adventure activities and much more.

Next Trip: Aug 30 – Sept 1!

Or want to plan your own trip?  Don’t forget that 10% of your holiday benefits Earthfest’s charity work!  Simply fill in the form below.

Accommodation Choices

Note the prices are LooLa’s normal base rates for 2 nights and include food and non-service activities.  LooLa will help you through the costing of the Mangrove Restoration + Safe Water Garden + Transportation when you fill in the form below.  The price ranges below reflect that the more people sharing a room, the cheaper it is per person.


Sea Chalet

Stay out on the water…
Pax: 1 – 5
Price Range: 180 – 600

Sabine master downstairs1

Hillside Villa

For those that want a little more comfort overlooking the sea…
Pax: 1 – 13
Price Range: 250 – 600

Bintan Residence

Eco Luxury

Sleep at neighbouring 5 star resort, but join us at LooLa for meals and activities.
Pax: 1+
Pricing details upon request.



For those looking to gain new perspectives!
Pax: 1 – 5
Price Range: 160 – 250



For a very minimalist experience.
Pax: 1+
Price: 170

What previous EarthExcursioners say…

EarthExcursion was an amazing experience that I can safely say, changed my life. It opened my eyes to unforgettable experiences like planting mangroves by moonlight and building better homes for the local community. Most importantly, it showed that you can have a resort getaway without compromising on sustainability or comfort. Highly recommended for anyone looking for something a little different - a weekend escape with heart and soul.
EarthLife weekend at Loola was awesome ! It was a great family experience, doing something meaningful and fun of our weekend and meeting like minded people.
Michael is an awesome guide! #KeyAttraction. The vegan food is awesome, the villas make you like you are living like Royalty and lots of adventure! Rock climbing, zip lining into a pool!, basketball, volleyball, archery: we had a blast trying new things. The resort is self-sustained by solar power and rain water and a lot more greener and cleaner than any other resort.

LooLa proudly provides an Experience, rather than just being a hotel. This experience includes exciting, healthy and eco-friendly activities the whole day long, testing and developing eco solutions that are affordable to everybody, and developing community activities that are truly beneficial to everyone involved. Over 75% of LooLa staff is engaged to develop and facilitate these activities. Accommodation is a one-time cost that makes up less than 20% of their overall costs so the base price you pay mostly goes towards funding the activities sketched above.

We at EarthFest are only interested in trips that make a difference.  We hope you see value in supporting the Mangrove Restoration and Safe Water Garden.  Physically participating is optional, but we ask all participants contribute to these projects at least financially.

Ready to join?  Or have questions?  Fill in the form below and LooLa will help you through the process of pricing/deciding based on the size of your group.  Do note the sea chalets and villas are limited in number, so are on a first booked, first served basis.  Filling in the form is not a commitment to attending, just to get more info.

HomestayRustic Sea ChaletHillside VillaDormEco Luxury


EarthExcursion is for people that are passionate about environmental sustainability, helping others and are not afraid to get out of their comfort zones and get their hands dirty.  If you’re looking for a spa vacation at a 5 star resort, this is not for you.

You can go to LooLa resort anytime, but the benefit of attending on our weekend is that you’ll meet others in the Singaporean sustainability community and have more affordable fees for the opt-in activities.

EarthExcursion is appropriate for all ages, including children.  Some aspects of the trip are require physical fitness, but you can opt out of those activities if you prefer to relax.

Below are sample itineraries for those that opt-in for all the activities.  As the tides determine when activities can be done, activities will be shifted around.

7:00 pm SGT ferry terminal assembly
8:20 pm SGT departure on Bintan Resorts ferry.
1.5 hour bus ride
10:00 pm arrive resort; Welcome drink and check-in to rooms

7:00 am Breakfast
8:00 am Eco Tour
9:00 to 10:30 Mangrove planting
10:30 to Noon Rock climbing & Flying Fox or relax.
1:00 pm visit kampung – we will be helping to build a Safe Water Garden and interact with the villagers.
9:00 pm – Night Walk
11:00 pm – Stargazing (can use telescope)

7:00 am Breakfast
8:00 am Nature Walk / Seaflat Walk
9:30 am Kayaking & Swimming
1:00 pm Skywalk / Coconut Tree Climbing / Archery / Petangue / Relax
2:00 pm Packing and Check out
2:45 pm Depart Resort
5:30 pm ferry from Tanjung Pinang
Arrive in SG at 7:30 pm.