Solar energy is quietly becoming one of the biggest sources of electricity these days. A solar power system isn’t as simple as installing solar panels. There are lots of other things too. One of those things is solar power inverters. In this article, we’ll discuss everything about solar power inverters.

Solar power inverters work by converting the power from solar panels into the usable form of electricity. Electrical appliances work by using this power. We can’t use the solar power accumulated through the solar panels without a solar power inverter.

Solar power is hence one of the most important parts of a solar power system. These are located in the strangers locations, and are prone to different issues.

Basically, the current made in the solar panels is DC, which can’t be used by most of the appliances. The investor converts this current into AC current. This way, this AC current can be used by any electrical appliance you have. DC current is made when the sun rays falling on the silicon of the panel activate the electrons. These electrons start flowing in the circuit and make DC current. Since most of our household appliances support AC current, solar power inverter is needed to convert this DC current into AC current.

Since going solar saves a lot of money on terms of electricity Bill’s, many people these days are converting to solar setups. Of you’re also planning to go solar, then it’s important for you to first know everything about solar setups, solar power inverters and other necessary things.

The main work you’re going to get from the solar power inverter is the conversion of DC into AC. To choose the best inverter, you’ll have to explore different types of these inverters.

Below mentioned are some of the different types of solar power inverters. While they serve the same function (DC into AC), the processes might be a bit different.

Micro Inverters

Micro solar power inverters operate with complex systems, and they have a high efficiency. This inverter would be a good choice of you have a small roof. These micro inverters work differently from other inverters. Other inverters are used in one piece to collect all the DC current from all the solar panels.

On the other hand, the micro inverters are installed with every single solar panel. Every inverter takes DC from the panel and converts it into AC on the roof. These inverters can be a bit pricy, and they’re also difficult to repair as they’re located on the roof.

Battery Inverters

Battery inverters are a good choice for the homeowners who like to have their battery working separately from the solar panels.

These inverters take input from the battery, and convert the current into 230V. They then deliver this high voltage current into your house.

String Inverters

String inverters are used as a standard in most of the small solar energy setups. Every solar panel in this system is attached to the strings. All of the collected DC current from the panels goes into the inverter, where it gets converted into AC current. You can get this system installed for an affordable price.

These inverters are solar power system are good for the homeowners who want to try the solar power at an affordable cost. Opt for this if your house receives lots of direct sunlight throughout the day.

Power Optimizers

A power optimizer solar power system can be made by using both the string and micro inverters together. Power optimizer system also works like a micro inverter setup, as the inverter is placed next to the solar panels on the roof.

But there’s an exception. In the power optimizer system, the power is sent to a centralized inverter. This is different from the micro inverters who convert the DC into AC right on the roof.

The power optimizer system is more efficient as compared to the string inverter system. The efficiency comes from micro inverter. This system is a good investment for the homeowners who can afford to spend more to increase the efficiency of their solar power setup.

Choosing The Best Inverter System For Your Home

You have some options to choose from when it comes to buying the right inverter system. While every system works to achieve the same results, the processes are a bit different.

  • The main factor here is money. See how much you’re willing to spend on a solar power inverter system. Additionally, you’ll also have to count the costs of potential maintenance in the future.
  • You basically have three options. String inverters, power optimizes and micro inverters. String inverters are the most affordable option, micro inverters are the most expensive ones, and power optimizes are in between.
  • Go for the string inverters if you receive plenty of direct sunlight throughout the day. But keep in kind that the efficiency of these inverters decrease rapidly if some panels aren’t working properly. So, the electricity production might be lower than the maximum potential of your solar system.
  • If your have a small space on your roof, then you should go fro the micro inverter. But the problem with these micro inverters is that they are very costly. Also, they are difficult to repair in case anything goes wrong.
  • Power optimizer has higher efficiency as compared to the standard string inverters. But it is also priced higher.

So, you should make the purchase only after carefully considering all the options.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Solar Power Inverter

Many factors need to be considered before buying a solar inverter and installing it in your house. There are lots of different manufacturers listing their products as the best.

Here are some factors that you should consider before buying a solar power inverter. These factors will help you in assessing the quality of any solar power inverter you’re going to buy.


Quality of an inverter is an important factor to consider. So, before buying, consider the quality and reliability of the inverter you’re buying. To assess the quality, you can read the reviews online to get some help.

Monitoring Functions

You also need to know about the monitoring functions of the inverter you’re going to buy. Depending on the manufacturer and interface, these functions can be complex to monitor.


Warranty if also an important feature to consider when you’re buying a new solar power inverter for your solar setup. Don’t go for the companies that provide small warranty times. Instead, choose the inverter that comes with an elongated warranty.

Available Features

Before buying the solar power inverter, knowing about all of its features and functions is necessary. Prefer buying the inverter that offers newer features. Remember that newer features might be a bit expensive. So, consider how much extra you’re willing to pay for new features.

After Sales Service

This has nothing to do with the inverter. This is actually about the support that the manufacturing company will provide you with after you buy their product. If the company isn’t known for great customer service, don’t go for them.


Price is also a good factor to no ignore when buying a solar power inverter. Cheapest isn’t always the best. So, you must compare the prices and features before buying.

You should also check out the product reviews online before buying. Analyzing all the important features before buying is a must.

Selecting The Right Solar Power Inverter Company

Choosing the right company to buy your solar power inverter from is a necessary step. It is as important as putting together the right solar power system.

Every manufacturer of these inverters label their product as the absolute best. That makes separating the right product increasingly difficult. The inverter is what all comes down to. So, choosing the wrong solar power inverter can cost you in terms of efficiency in the long term. That’s why you should buy from the tried and tested brands.

The installation process might be a bit complex too. Once you install the system properly, you have to maintain it for many years to come. You can find the best company by looking for the reviews online, and by getting testimonials from your colleagues and friends.

Hence, we can conclude that the process of buying the right solar power inverter includes knowing the different options, and choosing the best one that’ll serve you in the long term.

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