The age-old question about having solar panel still rings for many. Just how many am I going to need, in the first place? Well, this honestly depends on a number of things. For starters, we are going to talk a bit about solar panels. Having them is a great thing. We have talked time and again how these panels are amazing. Especially if you are planning on saving big when it comes to energy consumption.

Now, in this article. We want to look at just how many solar panels are needed. If you are looking to run your house fully equipped. This is a good way to get started. This is important to answer or understand for the simplest reason. Different people have different use cases. Having a one size fits all approach is not really going to work for anyone.

This is why, through some considerations. We can actually find it out to some degree. Therefore, letโ€™s not waste any more time and have a look.

Understanding Your Needs

The first here is going to be your needs or utilities in other words. Understanding this is the key. If you know about the use of electricity. You can actually tell how many panels you need. Now, this depends on a variety of factors. For starters, the place you live in. The energy cost of that place. As well as other information on the appliances you use. You are also going to need a proper understanding of the timings. For instance, you need to know what devices do you use during the day time. As well as the devices that are used during the night time. These points are very crucial to how your experience is going to be.

For instance, if you are using a television that has a consumption of 200 watts an hour. And an average run time is 5 hours a day. Then that gives you 1 kWh if you divided it by a 1,000. Keep this maths in mind, because it will help you.

The Exposure of Sun

This matters a lot. A lot more than some people may want to admit or accept, in the first place. Okay, so here. You have to start monitoring just how much sun exposure you get. Now, this cannot be just a random number. Or something that is on top of your head. This has to be properly calculated information because that is what matters.

If you decide to come with some random number it is not going to work. That will only complicate things further. You need information for all seasons. If you live in a place that sees more than just summers and winters. You will need information for those as well.

Although you can do the maths on your own. It is going to be tricky. As it involves the number of hours the sunlight. You will also need to understand the percentage of sun and other similar variables.

Understanding The Production of Energy

Another crucial thing here is the production of energy. Not every solar panel is going to produce the same. And obviously, the size matters too. Not just the size, but the arrangement as well. Whatever the case here is. It is extremely important that you understand the production and how much you need.

Not just that. You are also going to have to know how much a solar panel can produce. This information will be helping you in achieving a perfect understanding. If you cannot figure it out on your own. Hire the professionals and tell the details. They will sort you out in a much better way.

What About The Space Requirement

We often look at this very crucial thing about the space. Especially when we are talking about solar panels. If you are looking to install a good one. Be sure that you know how much space you are going to need. Why is it such an important thing? Because without a proper understanding of that, you might not be able to.

You donโ€™t normally need a lot of space on your roof. The most standard dimension of a panel is 65 by 39 inches. This means that a total of 17.6 square feet. So, you should go ahead and divide the total space available on your roof with 17.6. This should give you an answer.

Again, if this is too confusing for you. We would always suggest that you hire experts. They will be able to sort you out in a much better way. To be honest, making calculations on your own is difficult. So, we understand your need for professional advice.


Solar panels are great. This is not the first time solar energy is being used. There is quite a history of these panels being used around the world. However, it is now that they have become so widespread. If you are planning on getting these installed, you definitely should. However, the more important thing is the understanding part.

If you are not sure how many are needed. It would be much better to let the professionals handle it for you. The companies that install solar panels are always at your disposal. You can simply go ahead and hire them. Tell them your requirements as well. They will visit you. Check everything in detail. Then they will hand you an estimate of the number of solar panels you are going to need.

However, you must always know that there can be variance in the estimations. But there is not much to worry about. Once all of this is sorted. You should go ahead and start preparing for the solar panel you want.

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