Despite all the advancements made in sustainable energy production, a large portion of the world is still relying on non-renewable energy. Non-renewable energy is expensive, harmful, and unsustainable.

Fortunately, we have finally reached a point where governments across the globe have begun looking into renewable energy production. So far, solar energy is the most sought-after form of renewable energy. It has a long list of benefits and is brimming with so much potential. It relies on the sun as its main source of fuel. And since the sun is so readily available across the globe, it is very sustainable.

Solar energy is harvested with the help of solar panels. Solar panels can be set up in a variety of places. And whenever they get exposed to sunlight, they begin producing electricity. The most attractive thing about solar energy is that it is environmentally friendly. It has no by-products and nothing has to be done in order to obtain sunlight. It has the ability to bring down our global carbon footprint by a wide margin.

Let’s look at a few interesting facts about solar energy.

Environmentally Friendly

Solar energy has the ability to be produced without upsetting the environment in any way. Know holes need to be drilled, no materials have to be extracted and processed. And when electricity gets produced through solar power, there are zero emissions to worry about.

Solar powerplants can very easily replace fossil fuel powerplants. Doing so can reduce emissions by so much. In fact, solar energy has the ability to make a notable difference in our efforts to slow down global warming. As more countries will adopt this technology, the environment will begin healing.

It’s a Great Long-Term Investment

Whether you are setting up a domestic or commercial solar grid, it will act as a sound investment for you. A solar grid in your home will bring down your energy costs. And if you tie it with the commercial grid, you can actually feed excess energy to the commercial grid and get compensated for it.

Apart from saving money, solar grids can have a positive impact on your property’s value as well. Homes that have solar panels installed in them have a higher market value.

Efficient Energy

Solar energy has become far more efficient than it once was. This is thanks to plenty of advancements in this technology. In favorable weather, solar panels can produce a decent amount of electricity. As long as they have access to a decent amount of sunlight, they will continue working for you.

Its ability to be placed more flexibly helps with increasing efficiency as well. Solar powerplants do not have to be constructed in far off, remote places. And since their construction and maintenance is really easy, their overall cost is quite low. A lower cost makes their energy production cost efficient as well.

Durable Powerplants

Solar powerplants can operate for 40 to 50 years with a minimal amount of maintenance. And compared to fossil fuel powerplants, their construction cost is lower as well.

They have, by far, the lowest maintenance cost. The solar panels and their respective components need to be checked and cleaned every now and then. Proper maintenance can help maintain efficiency and also extend the lifespan of the powerplant’s components.

Apart from being durable, they are also hard to take offline. Even if a solar powerplant sustains damage, it can continue producing electricity as long its solar panels are not completely damaged.

Solar Panels Don’t Need Direct Sunlight to Operate

There’s a common misconception that solar panels only work when they are directly exposed to sunlight. The truth is that they can work even when sunlight isn’t falling on them directly.

Solar panels require daylight in order to function. As long as they are located somewhere with bright sunlight, they will work just fine. Modern solar panels are often fitted with lenses and mirrors that enhance the amount of light that they capture.

It goes without saying that direct sunlight is a bonus. The more intense light they are exposed to, the more they will operate near their peak efficiency. On cloudy or rainy days, they will continue producing electricity, but their efficiency will drop noticeably.

The US Has More Than 2 Million Solar Power Solutions

Solar power has been on the rise for quite some time. A number of countries, including the US, have been adopting this technology on a private level. In the last few years, the US, Germany, and other countries have begun working on commercial solar solutions as well. These solutions are expected to begin producing energy in the near future and reduce dependency on fossil fuels by quite a margin.

Governments are making efforts to promote the solar industry as well. The cost efficiency and environmental impact of this technology have become too good to ignore. We can expect a majority of countries to shift to solar energy in the coming decade.

Solar Tech is Highly Flexible

Solar technology can be implemented in so many ways. Solar panels can be installed on a variety of surfaces. Currently, there is work being done on producing solar panels that can be integrated into building walls and into our roads. We already have devices and gadgets are coming with integrated solar panels. Solar panels can also be designed to be flexible. These flexible panels can be integrated with fabrics for a number of interesting applications.

As time goes on, we are finding more and more ways to use solar technology. This is great because it helps speed up the rate at which this technology can be adopted.


Thanks to advancements in this technology, solar energy has become really affordable. Its initial cost has gone down. And once solar solutions have been installed, their energy production cost is next to zero.

The lowering initial cost is definitely going to make this a viable option for more people. And since it costs you nothing to fuel a solar powerplant, you don’t have to worry about additional expenses. What this means is that the energy cost of solar energy is really low. And a lower cost means that cheaper energy can be produced.

Easy to Obtain

Solar technology has become really common in the last few years. Nowadays, you can find a number of companies offering domestic solar solutions. This means that the average person has easy access to solar technology.

What’s more, is that the cost of this technology is going down really fast as well. Solar technology is going to become quite affordable in the near future.


Solar technology is really interesting and it is brimming with promise. It has the ability to solve the global energy crisis and save our environment. In the near future, we can expect to see this technology being adopted on a domestic and commercial level quite widely.

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