It is safe to say the future will be clean and renewable energy. The idea might have seemed radical some 10-20 years ago, however, given the depleting supply of the world’s non-renewable energy resources and the devastating effect they have had on the climate, it is safe to say that we will be switching to clean energy soon enough, and a lot of countries have already made their pledge to go completely fossil fuel-free.

While it will still take some time before the entire planet starts being entirely powered by clean energy, we can all start today. Solar power is one of the most promising forms of clean energy generation, and scientists have put in a lot of work to make it happen. There are a lot of advantages of going solar, and if you think, you are the one that will benefit from it in the long-run. Regardless of whether you are trying to be eco-friendly, cut down on electricity bills, or are looking for tax incentives, then solar power will be the solution for you.

Initially, the solar power setup was pretty expensive so only people that had the extra money to spend and big corporations could get a solar power setup. However, with time, and innovation, scientists were able to create solar panels and batteries using cheaper materials that worked just as effectively, and this is why solar-powered systems are more affordable and accessible.

Yes, large corporations are producing most of the world’s waste and doing the most environmental damage, but our collective dependence on the electrical grid which creates electricity by burning fossil fuels also puts a considerable dent on the number of carbon emissions we are putting out to the environment. We only have this one habitable planet, and if we continue polluting at the rate we currently are, we will end up destroying it.

It is possible to run an entire house via solar power, and if you have had the installation done correctly and have got a good collector or storage unit, you should be able to store the extra solar energy that is produced during the day and then use it at night when your panels are not working.

The sun has more than enough energy to power the entire planet indefinitely. It is a never-ending source of energy that is not expected to go anywhere anytime soon, so if we can meet the entire planet’s energy needs via the sun, then why bother looking at fossil fuel? This is where you can advocate for solar power by not only opting for it yourself, but taking it up with your politicians, and your representatives and have them actively lobby for it. It might seem like a lot of unnecessary work and stress, but if you want to continue inhabiting this planet and ensuring that it stays safe for you and for the future generations to come, then radical activism is the only solution.

If you are still not convinced and have questions or concerns still, you can continue reading the rest of this article since we will be covering all of the benefits that will come with investing in solar energy, so if you still need that motivation, you can keep on reading below:

The Pros of Investing in Solar Energy

You Get to Save Money

One of the most obvious advantages of going solar is that you will be saving money on electricity bills. The price of oil and gas keeps fluctuating and has been on a steady rise lately, and this is why a lot of us have been getting hefty electrical bills, which is a bigger problem if you happen to live with a family because that means there is even more electricity being used and consumed. If you opt to get a solar-powered system set up, you can end up saving a lot of money in electricity or heating bills (depending on the type of setup you are going for). Yes, the initial cost of the solar panel will put a bit of a dent in your wallet, but once you have paid off that amount, you are then going to be producing free electricity for the next decade or more, and that is insane if you think about how much you would be saving in your electricity bills if you are barely relying on the actual electrical grid.

Governments around the world are also trying to promote solar power by providing their people with different tax incentives, subsidies, and a chance to earn some extra money on the side (this is the scenario if your government lets you feed the extra power into your electrical grid). There is a lot of money that you can save by investing in solar energy, and this is something that you should heavily consider.

Solar Energy is Renewable

The sun is a renewable source of energy. This means that we will never deplete its supply and that it will continue to release and provide the same amount of energy. The sun has existed for millions of years, and it is expected to exist for a couple of billion more, so you know that the sun’s supply of energy is not going anywhere, and this is part of what makes the sun a renewable and infinite source of energy. Even if the entire planet starts being powered by the sun’s energy, it will still not affect the amount of light and energy that will continue to reach the earth. So, given the sun’s infinite supply of energy, we can take advantage of it and use it to meet all of our daily needs without having to worry about depleting resources.

New Job Opportunities

As our demand for solar power continues to increase, the industry will have to mobilize itself and expand to meet these growing demands. This expansion in the industry can mean a lot more job opportunities for people. After all, there will be a demand for mechanics, sales representatives, customer support representatives, electricians, installers, and whatnot. This can mean thousands of more jobs can be created, and this is a great way to deal with the unemployment issue which has already gotten pretty bad given the number of people that were let go this year alone because of the pandemic.

As more countries continue to expand their solar power sector, they will create more jobs, which will in turn lead to more economic growth as well.

Clean And Safe Energy

Switching over to solar energy is the only way we can ensure that we do protect our planet and still have a chance of reversing some of the effects of global warming. The entire process of the production of solar panels up to the installation and use of them does not lead to any pollutants, so you do not have to worry about any harmful emissions or byproducts being released into the environment as you continue to use solar energy. So you will not be increasing your carbon footprint and will in turn be helping the ozone and planet. There are also no risks associated with solar power the way there are risks with a standard electrical grid. You do not have to worry about transformers and there will be no fear of electrocution if you are handling the setup either.

Clean And Renewable Energy

The sun is believed to be 4600 million years old, and it is estimated that it will continue existing up till 100 billion years, which is an insane number if you think about it. The fact that the sun continues producing energy and has been producing the same amount of energy for millions of years now proves that the sun is the ultimate source of renewable energy on the planet. By choosing to derive most of our energy needs through the sun, we can come up with a solution to our energy needs that will not harm the environment in any way either. This limitless supply of energy also leaves room for a lot of innovation as well, so scientists and innovators can continue to come up with creative solutions using solar power without having to worry about their supply running out or its price fluctuating. Plus all extra solar power that your panels produce can easily be stored and then used at night or on cloudy days.

A Possible Business Investment

Solar power can prove to be a great business opportunity for people. Solar panel installation and use are not just limited to houses and large corporations even smaller offices and buildings are now getting solar panels installed to meet their energy needs and to save money on electrical bills all the while being an eco-friendly citizen. So you can start offering services in solar panel installation and continue to move up the ladder, and given how solar power is still developing, the jobs that are currently available and being offered are all well-paying jobs so there is that extra financial motivation too.

Hot Water When You Need It

Hot water is a necessity for most of us, and we need it throughout the year, but even more so during the colder months. Of course, our current water heating systems either run on electricity or gas, both of which are expensive and damaging to the environment. If we go for a more energy-efficient solution, we can end up saving a lot of money in the long-run and take better care of our environment as well. A solar-powered water heating setup will allow you to have access to hot water throughout the year without having to worry about your bills. So as long as you have a sunny day, you should be able to get the hot water that you need. A bit of math will be required to determine how much hot water is consumed by a household, and once this is calculated, a proper system will be recommended that can meet those needs of yours.

A Better Lifestyle

Before solar energy became a norm, most of us, especially those in middle and lower-middle income groups would monitor their use of electrical appliances very carefully. We would usually end up only using certain appliances when needed to save on the electricity bill. Thankfully, solar panels help create a better lifestyle where we do not have to cut down our electrical use out of fear of a higher electrical bill. Air conditioning, refrigerators, TVs, and several electrical appliances are compatible with solar panels even if you still stay on the electrical grid and don’t buy a storage system, the amount of electricity produced by solar panels will still be able to meet up to 30% of your total electrical needs.

Solar cars are another invention we can look forward to. They are currently still under development and the available ones are currently too expensive, however, a future with affordable solar-powered cars is not too far away.

Good Air Quality

One of the most obvious benefits of going solar is the fact that we will be less dependent on fossil fuel and other non-renewable energy sources. When we are purely using clean and renewable energy, we do not have to worry about carbon emissions or other harmful by-products being introduced into the environment. When there are less carbon and other harmful gas emissions, we are reducing greenhouse gases, and allowing for the air to be less polluted. This means that the air quality will significantly improve with time and you will be less likely to suffer from respiratory conditions due to poor air quality. This means better health for everyone as well. We cannot continue our current way of living, so putting an end to the use of fossil fuels and advocating for the use of solar power will benefit everyone in the long run. Our energy needs are expected to only increase in the future, so making the switch over to solar power now would be the wiser option for the entire planet.

Urban Planning

If we look back at human history, we have oriented our lives around the sun, and this also includes how we build and contrast our homes. Ancient Greeks, Egyptians, and Chinese people would orient the position of their houses and buildings towards the South so that they could all be lit and heated by the sun naturally.

If there is an increase in demand for solar power in commercial and residential sectors, it will lead to a rise in passive solar architecture which will make sure that the building is oriented and positioned in a matter that gets the perfect amount of sunlight, and this can mean that our general spaces will become naturally-lit and the temperature will be comfortable as well. So passive solar designs will improve the overall optimization of the entire solar power setup.

The amount of energy being produced by the sun in a single moment is more than enough to meet our global solar energy needs. Scientists are currently scrambling to find more eco-friendly solutions and are trying to advocate for solar energy as well. The global supply of gas and fossil fuel is beginning to run out, and if we do not make the switch to non-renewable energy, we will end up not only causing a global recession, we will also continue adding to harmful emissions in the environment and we will end up living in a world which will no longer be inhabitable. We have already seen the devastating effects of global warming, and it is about time that individuals, and countries start making the switch over to solar energy.

There is a lot of promise to solar energy; not only is it clean energy, but it is also renewable and sustainable, and it can help create a reality where heating and electricity bills are cheap and can be afforded by even the poorest of households. So, if there is any time to raise your voice and take a stand for the planet, it is now. So start talking about this in your social circles, make some noise at your local government representative’s phone and start taking the necessary steps to go off-grid and switch over to clean energy today.

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