The demand for solar energy is rising rapidly as fossil fuels are becoming less and less practical. The energy created from non-renewable sources creates a lot of harmful by-products. Waste gases such as CO, NOx, and CO2 that damage the atmosphere and contribute to global warming.

Decreasing our dependence on non-renewable energy has become essential at this point. This is because we have been abusing our planet for far too long. Global warming is now progressing at a rapid rate and the environment is degrading.

Fortunately, we have renewable energy production methods available to us. These do not depend on fossil fuels and have a far smaller impact on the planet. Currently, solar energy is by far the most popular means of renewable energy production. It is the easiest to utilize and produces no harmful by-products at all.

Solar energy is also the easiest to harness. This is because the sun is available all across the globe. In the past few decades, a lot of research has been done in order to further improve solar technology. And this research has produced fruitful results. Solar technology has become efficient and cost-effective. The solar industry in general has been booming as well. A lot of countries throughout the world are now demanding solar technology. Thanks to all of this, the solar industry is growing quite rapidly.

In 2020 and the years to come, the solar industry will be creating a lot of jobs and investment opportunities.

Marketing Specialist

Marketing is crucial for any business. marketing specialists are going to be in demand in the solar industry because they are going to help identify the present and future demand for solar energy. This information is vital for companies wanting to develop business plans and fulfilling demands as profitably as possible.

Marketing specialists are also responsible for creating demand for products and services. they can do this through marketing strategies of various kinds. A gifted marketing specialist can be an indispensable asset for businesses. Not only will they help create demand for what a business is looking to sell, but it will also help businesses forecast the market trends in the near future.

Logistics & Procurement Officer

Procurement and Logistics is the backbone of every industry in the world. It ensures that businesses have access to the resources they need in order to do business and grow. This holds true for the solar industry as well.

A Procurement officer in the solar industry will help the company procure raw materials and other resources that are needed to make solar products. They will also be responsible for getting these resources to the company and then transporting the finished products to the end of the supply chain.

R&D Engineer

In a budding industry, research and development are critical. It promotes innovation and helps bring new ideas onto the table. At the moment, many solar manufacturing companies are investing a lot of money into R&D. This is because they all want to be at the front of the solar revolution that is taking place.

R&D engineers are required to work constantly in order to find new and improved ways of doing things. A solar R&D engineer will spend a lot of time focusing on how to improve photovoltaic technology and cell performance. Their main goal would be to produce solar panels that last longer and are more efficient.

People who have a good background in pure sciences will thrive in this field. This is because the solar industry requires plenty of scientific research.

Solar Product Designer

There’s a lot that goes into designing every product. Companies want to produce products that capture the eye of their customers and make them want to buy them. In the solar industry, product design revolves around style and functionality. Product designers are quite essential employees, this is why this is a well paid job.

In solar tech, product designers are required to have experience with maintaining a balance between beauty and practicality. People with prior experience in product design and academic experience, solar product design can be a great employment opportunity.

Solar Equipment Maintenance & Production Engineer

The demand for solar tech is rising at an astonishing pace. And it will continue to grow in the coming years. Due to this, production is becoming a major focus for many companies. Efficient and reliable production methods need to be set into place in order to fulfill demand.

Along with good production capabilities, companies also need to have personnel who know how to look after this technology. Solar production and maintenance engineers are responsible for taking care of both these tasks. They help companies improve their production capabilities and also help companies maintain the products that they are producing.

A good production and maintenance engineer helps a company maintain good production rates while also ensuring that the production facility is in working condition at all times. These people are responsible for maintaining a company’s ability to reach its production goals.

Quality Control Officer

In any production-oriented company, quality control is crucial. It ensures that every product produced by the company is up to standards. A quality control officer is responsible for developing quality standards and then maintaining them. This field requires certification from various authorities and also academic experience.

Software Engineer

Solar technology and software are linked quite closely. A lot of solar products use software to monitor and regulate their power production. This is why software engineers are required by many solar manufacturing companies. They need people who can help design backend software for solar power arrays. They also need app developers who can design frontend software for customers to interact with their arrays.

Software engineers are needed by pretty much every industry nowadays. This is because businesses have realized that digitization has become a key ingredient of long term survivability.

Business Development Officer

Business development is important for any company. It helps companies explore new opportunities and grow. Business development is a job that suits people who are outgoing and friendly. This is because business development is all about making connections and networking.

Solar Energy Distribution Engineer

Power delivery is a key element of solar energy. It goes without saying that even the best solar solution will be useless if it isn’t able to supply the power that it produces. The solar energy distribution engineer’s role is to design, implement, and maintain energy distribution solutions. Solutions that get energy to the end-consumer in the most efficient way possible.

In order to thrive at this job, you need experience and knowledge about power transmission systems. People with a degree in electrical engineering can find plenty of career opportunities in this field.

Project Planning & Development

The development of solar solutions on any scale is a complex process. Big or small, these projects need to be spearheaded by an experienced and capable person. A Project planner will be responsible for designing and implementing solar solutions. It is a position that comes with a lot of responsibility.

Anyone who has experience in project planning can explore this side of the solar industry.

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