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Sometimes you need a solar power solution that you can use on the go. Solar panels can often be quite bulky, which can make them inconvenient for portable use. A mini solar panel, on the other hand, can solve a lot of these problems. We have provided a list of mini solar panels that you might want to check out. All of the solar panels in our list are excellent.

Just seeing a list of solar panels won’t be enough, though. You also need to understand why these mini solar panels are highly rated. Hence, we have also provided a solar power buying guide to help you learn about solar panels. This mini solar panels guide should give you an idea of what to look for when buying a mini solar panel, or indeed a solar panel of any size.

Top 5 Best Mini Solar Panels in 2020

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Buying Guide

Optimize Charging Capacity

This mini solar panels tip has two meanings. Firstly, you should make sure that your solar panels have a decent maximum capacity. This would help your mini solar panels keep your belongings charged for longer. A mini solar panel should also have a good rate of discharge. A limited depth of discharge means that your solar panel would keep too much energy in reserve. Don’t let the size of a tiny solar panel fool you. Such solar panels are powerful tools. You just need to ensure that your mini solar panel has the optimal charging capacity necessary for your needs. Then you can make the best use of solar power using a mini solar panel.

Opt For Monocrystalline Panels

The kind of solar cell in your solar panels matters quite a bit. A monocrystalline solar panel is usually considered the most efficient mini solar panel. These solar panels absorb the maximum amount of solar energy from the sun. Solar panels have a limited amount of time to fully charge. Wasting this time with inefficient mini solar panel cells can dramatically reduce the quality of your mini solar panel. Mini solar panels are already small solar panels as it is. This means that optimal quality is a must have if you want to utilize your tiny solar panel properly.

Prioritize Durability

A small solar panels size does not mean low durability. In fact, a tiny solar panel needs to be even more durable than regular solar panels. A regular solar panel usually doesn’t need to be taken anywhere. It’s different with mini solar panels. These solar panels undergo a lot of rough use, which means that priority should be given to durable solar panels. Be wary, though. The more durable your tiny solar panel is, the heavier it would be. This might force you to make a choice between easy carrying and a long lifespan so choose carefully.

Get Something Versatile

A tiny solar panel has lots of different uses. The most popular is a usb charger that uses a solar panel. However, mini solar panels don’t need to be restricted to just one use. You can also get a flashlight that uses solar panels. Just try to ensure that whatever mini solar panels you buy are versatile. They don’t have to be rigid or singular in how you can use them. Solar panels that can only be used for one thing don’t provide that much value for money. This is why versatility is so important.

Weight is Also Important

In your quest for the best portable solar charger that uses mini solar panels, don’t forget that size isn’t everything. Solar panels need to be light to be effective. If your portable charger is small but heavy due to the solar panel, it won’t be useful for you. You can save a lot of money with solar energy, but it won’t make a difference if you can’t carry your tiny solar panel around.


How many solar panels are needed for a tiny house?

It really depends on how big your solar panels are. A mini solar panel with a 320W output can do the trick. However, this is the lower end of the solar panel spectrum. You could also opt for 520W mini solar panels. Your average energy usage also matters. Aim for 2000 watts in total. This means about 4-6 solar panels for your tiny home. Try to see if your mini solar panels can handle your energy consumption, though. Some people might need a few extra solar panels to get the job done. However, a combined total of 2000W from solar panels would usually do the trick.

What can I do with a small solar panel?

Lots of things! For example, you could take your mini solar panel along on a camping trip. This would give you the chance to charge your devices and stay connected. Being completely isolated is dangerous since it might prevent you from getting help in dangerous situations. Having a solar panel with you is also useful for lighting. You can power a torch with a mini solar panel. Mini solar panels can also be used to power electrical cooking appliances. These include electric kettles, hot plates and a number of other useful cooking utensils that could come in handy while you are out in nature. You can also use mini solar panels for a number of diy projects as well.

What is the smallest size solar panel?

The smallest solar panels are about 0.6×2.55 inches in size. Many mini solar panels are larger, though. The biggest mini solar panel you can get will be about 8.85×5.12 inches. Any of these sizes would prove to be useful for a phone charger or something similar. Remember, solar panels size doesn’t always indicate power. A diminutive solar panel with more solar cells would be more useful than larger solar panels that don’t have solar cell as efficiently arrayed. A lot of things can be done with a smaller solar panel if you buy the right one.

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