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With solar technology becoming better, we are getting to see a wide variety of solar powered gadgets entering the market. This is great since it is high time we start making an effort to save the planet. Global warming is advancing at a rapid pace; the costs of energy production are on the rise as well. Commercial energy has been becoming more and more expensive in the last few decades. Solar powered gadgets are able to provide us with solutions for both of these problems.

Today, we are going to take a look at solar power reading lamps. Out of all the solar gadgets out there, solar lights are by far the most popular. This is because solar lights are incredibly practical. They come in many shapes and sizes and can be used in a variety of ways. Solar power reading lamps are self-sufficient, and quite handy as well. We have handpicked a number of great solar lights for you to check out. For those of you who are new to solar LED light solutions, we also have a handy buyer’s guide. Read on in order to find out what’s the best solar light for you.

Top 5 Solar Reading Lamps in 2021

GreeSuit Solar Light Bulb Outdoor, Portable USB Charge Solar Powered Shed Led Light Bulb with Solar Panel for Outdoor Hiking Camping Tent Fishing Lighting
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Kyson Solar Lights,Solar Powered Led Shed Light with Remote Control and Pull Cord for Indoor Outdoor Use
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  • External Solar Panel on a 3m Lead Cable
Bemexred Solar Lights Outdoor/Indoor,Remote Control Solar Powered Pendant Lights IP65 Waterproof,Auto On/Off Hanging Shed Lamp Dusk to Dawn for Barn Gazebo Storage Room Balcony Chicken Coop
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Designers Edge L-949 Rechargeable Solar Shed Lights with 10 Bright LED Bulbs and 16-Foot Extension Cord
638 Reviews
Designers Edge L-949 Rechargeable Solar Shed Lights with 10 Bright LED Bulbs and 16-Foot Extension Cord
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  • VERSATILE SOLAR LIGHTS FOR SHED: this solar shed light can be mounted on wall or pole up...
Outdoor Solar Pendant Lights Indoor Solar Shed Light with Remote, 1000lm, Waterproof LED Solar Barn Light for Indoor Shed Gazebo Emergency Home
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Outdoor Solar Pendant Lights Indoor Solar Shed Light with Remote, 1000lm, Waterproof LED Solar Barn Light for Indoor Shed Gazebo Emergency Home
  • Made of high duty PC, Designed with a metal hanger, Easy to hang it on or take off.
  • Designed with a type c input port, you can choose to charge the solar pandent light via...

Buyer’s Guide

Solar powered lights aren’t exactly a new thing. They have been around for quite some time. However, they used to be either too expensive or too impractical. But thanks to recent development in solar technology, the cost of this technology has gone down while its practicality has gone up.

How Do Solar Lights Work?

Solar power lights are pretty much the same as regular lights. They have one or more LED light bulbs that emit light. What makes them different from regular lights is that solar operated lights have a solar panel and a lithium ion battery integrated into them. This solar panel produces electricity whenever it is exposed to sunlight. The electricity is then stored in the built-in battery, and from there, it is used to power the light when needed.

Having a built-in solar panel and rechargeable battery allows solar operated lights to become self-sufficient; they can power themselves. This makes solar operated lights highly practical; they run on clean and green energy that is totally free.

Some solar operated lights rely completely on on the sun to function. Others are designed to give you more of a hybrid option: they can power themselves with solar energy, but you can also plug them into a power outlet. Smaller solar operated lights, such as portable reading lamps, can even be plugged into a power bank via USB cable in order to charge their battery.

Benefits of Solar Operated Lights

When compared to regular lights, solar operated lights tend to be more expensive. However, if you compare their characteristics, it becomes clear that solar operated lights are worth their value. These lights have a bunch of benefits, the most notable being:

Environmentally Friendly

Solar operated lights use the sun to power themselves. Harnessing the sun’s energy doesn’t produce any harmful by-products. This makes solar anything extremely energy-efficient.

Cost Effective

Since sunlight is accessible everywhere, solar energy is free. A solar light will only cost you once, after that, it will run on free energy for a long time.

Low Maintenance

Solar operated lights require less looking after than regular lights. They don’t have any external wiring that needs to be serviced and they use LED bulbs. Also, not having any external wiring makes them more waterproof.


Not having external wiring means that solar operated lights aren’t restricted to where you use them. You can carry these lights around with you and place them wherever you want.

Easy to Install

Compared to regular lights, solar operated lights are also easy to install. You can set them up anywhere as long as they get a decent amount of sunlight. And you don’t have to worry about electrical work at all.

What to Look For in a Solar Operated Reading Light?

Solar operated reading lamps come in many shapes and sizes. Now, a lot of people get confused when they hear about solar operated reading lamps. This is because reading lamps are mostly designed to be used indoors. Can solar operated lights work indoors? Yes, it can. Like we mentioned earlier, solar operated lights have built-in rechargeable batteries. A decent solar light can easily power itself on a full charge for 6 to 8 hours.

For solar operated reading lamps, you have two options available to you: portable lights and fixed lights. Portable lights are ideal for people who want to have a light source on the go. Their source of light isn’t that strong, but they come in handy when you want to read on the go.

Fixed lights look a lot like regular lights. They come in the form of desk lamps and ceiling lights. These lights are connected with a wire to a panel. The idea behind these lights is to set them up somewhere inside and then place their panel somewhere where it gets plenty of sunlight throughout the day.

A reading bulb needs to provide you with a bright light. However, the light shouldn’t be bright to the point where it ends up stressing your eyes out. Ideally, you should go for warm white lights, they are much softer on the eyes.

You can also look for a few bells and whistles that make your light more functional. Some lights can be controlled through a smartphone app. The RC feature makes switching your lights on and off really convenient.


Solar LED lights have become very popular thanks to advancements in this technological field. These lights have become more affordable and more reliable as well. Thanks to this, we’re seeing an upsurge in the kinds of solar products available in the market.

Solar operated reading lamps are handy for a number of reasons. They come in large and small portable sizes, they are energy-efficient and they cost you nothing to run. Whether you’re an avid reader looking for a reliable source to illuminate your pages or you’re a light reader wanting to create a better atmosphere to enjoy your books, a reading bulb is worth buying.

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