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Adding decorative lighting to your garden area is always fun. It makes your garden look better at night and also lets you get really creative with the aesthetics. Decorative lighting for outdoor use has been around for quite some time. However, most people tend to stay away from it because its setup and maintenance can be troublesome. The more lights you add to your garden, the more wire management and maintenance you will have to worry about. You will also have to face an increase in your energy bill.

Fortunately, solar technology has been able to provide us with a superb solution to all of this. Solar powered lights are resilient, easy to install, and they don’t consume commercial energy. Outdoor solar lights have been gaining popularity at a staggering rate. This is thanks to the fact that solar tech is becoming more practical and also more affordable.

Today, we will be focusing on solar tiki torches; great looking lights that can add personality to any kind of garden. These lights are available in many shapes and sizes. For people who are new to the solar tiki torch market, we have come up with a helpful buyer’s guide. We have also reviewed some of the best solar torch lights that you can find at the moment.

Top 2 Best Solar Tiki Torches in 2021

Newhouse Lighting TIKILED4-B Solar Flickering LED Island Torches, Dark Chocolate, 4-Pack
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Newhouse Lighting TIKILED4-B Solar Flickering LED Island Torches, Dark Chocolate, 4-Pack
  • Automated solar dusk-to-dawn photocell functionality.
  • Includes 3 LEDs, each LED flickers warm yellow lights to mimic realistic & natural flames.
Outdoor Solar Torch Light, Waterproof Flickering Dancing Flames Lights Landscape Decoration Wireless Lighting Dusk to Dawn Auto On/Off Security Light for Garden Patio Deck Yard Pathway Driveway 8 Pack
  • DANCING FLAMES: Consists of 96 LEDs, each LED flickers warm yellow lights,dozens of change...
  • APPLICATIONS: 3 types of lamp installations!(floorlamp, in-line lamp, wall lamp) Great...

Buyer’s Guide

Recent improvements in solar technology have helped bring down its cost while improving its performance. We can see more and more gadgets being integrated with solar tech thanks to this. Solar powered lights are by far the most popular solar gadgets out there. when compared to regular lights, solar lights tend to be more expensive. However, a quick cost to benefit analysis helps you realize that solar lights are actually cheaper in the long run. In order to understand this better, you need to be familiar with how solar lights function.

How Do Solar Lights Work?

A solar light consists of three main components; a solar panel, a rechargeable battery, and an LED light. These three components work together to produce a sustainable and reliable light source.

The solar panel produces electricity whenever it gets exposed to sunlight. This electricity gets stored in the rechargeable battery that is housed inside the light’s body. Whenever the light needs power, it draws it from the battery.

A solar light has the ability to produce its own energy. This makes it independent from external wiring of any kind. Being self-sustaining gives the light a number of advantages that make it better than any regular light. A solar tiki torch will function in the same way as well.

Benefits of a Solar Tiki Torch

Tiki torches have a very nice feel to them. Their unique design makes them a piece of decoration and a light source as well. Bear in mind that tiki torches are better suited for ambient lighting rather than illuminative lighting.

Traditionally, tiki torches use fire to produce light. But since fire can be a hazard, we have tiki torch lights available. Tiki torch lights are pretty good at mimicking real torches. Some even come with a flickering flame effect in their light.

A solar tiki torch takes things one step further. The biggest setback with regular tiki torch lights is that they needed wired connections in order to function. These wires make placing them outdoors a nuisance since they get in the way and restrict your placement options. A solar powered tiki torch does not need a wired connection. In essence, solar tiki torch lights combine the best attributes of traditional torches and electric torch lights. They are safe to use, aren’t tethered by any wires, and they look great.

Compared to regular torch lights, solar tiki torches have much more to offer:

  • They use clean and free energy to run. You can place a hundred tiki torches in your garden and they won’t add anything to your energy costs.
  • Since they don’t have any external wiring, you aren’t limited to how and where you can place them. This freedom lets use them more flexibly and you won’t have to worry about creating a wiry mess in your garden at all.
  • A solar tiki torch is also more robust than its counterparts. It is less susceptible to water damage since its body has fewer openings. Also, having fewer wires outside means less maintenance.

What to Know Before Buying Solar Torch Lights?

Like we mentioned before, there’s a huge variety of tiki torches in the market. And not all of them are worth buying. You need to be aware of a few factors in order to be able to tell the right solar lights apart from the bad ones.

Just like all solar lights, a solar torch light’s performance is affected by the quality of its solar panel. You need to go for a light with quality solar panels. Better solar panels are able to produce more electricity in the same outdoor space. This means that they can charge your lights faster. A good battery is also essential. It must be able to power your light for 6-8 hours after being fully charged.

Aside from the power production components, you should focus on a torch’s lighting ability as well. Tiki torches are all about ambient lighting, they focus more on setting the mood rather than illuminating their surroundings. Most variants come with a flickering flame effect that really increases their aesthetics. A flickering flame effect is a must have in torch light. It may seem like a minor detail, but it makes a huge difference in the overall feel of your light source. Flickering flame lights usually have a special kind of LED set up. The lights function in a way that makes it look like as if the light is coming from an actual fire. Keep in mind that flickering flame light variants will cost slightly more.

If you want lights that look like troches but are more illuminative, you can consider going for wall mounted solar lights instead. There are plenty of torch shaped lights that brighten their surroundings.


Tiki torches combine the best of both worlds. They let you enjoy torch lighting that looks and feels realistic since there isn’t any external wiring. And they also let you enjoy the safety and reliability of electric lighting.

These lights come in many shapes and sizes. While they are primarily designed for ambient lighting, you could use them for illumination as well. Our selection of the best tiki torches includes all kinds of torchlight variants.

Placing tiki torches in your garden can make your house’s outdoor space look more tasteful. And since these lights are solar powered, wiring, maintenance, and energy costs don’t matter at all.

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