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Cars are traditionally thought of as being bad for the environment. The overall population of the world is starting to increase quite a bit. However, the number of cars on the road is increasing at an even faster pace. The current rate of emissions is already high enough to cause concern. Hence, you can imagine […]

Modern transportation has significantly improved our lives for the better, be it cars, bullet trains, airplanes, etc. they have all played a huge role in getting us to where we currently are as species. We have made use of all of these means of transportation, but the problem with all of them is that they […]

Everyone knows that solar power is the way of the future. How it used tends to matter a lot too, though. Perhaps the biggest area where energy tends to be required is in transportation. We need fuel for our cars, after all. It’s not just local transportation that needs energy either. Long distance travel by […]

The level and quality of technology that today’s society has reached is helping the next generations to push even further and wow the world with their inventions. The automobile industry entered into a new revolution when the solar powered cars were first introduced. This was especially a big relief for the people who were using […]