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Solar energy has been dominating almost every conversation that we are having lately. It does not matter if we are sitting with family, friends, or colleagues because, at one point or another, solar power ends up becoming the topic of conversation. People did not know much about solar energy 10-20 years ago compared to now. […]

We are living in a time of great crisis. While humanity has advanced quite a bit, our future looks dimmer each year. Global warming is a big part of this. Human civilization has sacrificed a lot of our planet’s health in our search for technological advancement. For the first time in our history, we are […]

It is safe to say the future will be clean and renewable energy. The idea might have seemed radical some 10-20 years ago, however, given the depleting supply of the world’s non-renewable energy resources and the devastating effect they have had on the climate, it is safe to say that we will be switching to […]

Despite all the advancements made in sustainable energy production, a large portion of the world is still relying on non-renewable energy. Non-renewable energy is expensive, harmful, and unsustainable. Fortunately, we have finally reached a point where governments across the globe have begun looking into renewable energy production. So far, solar energy is the most sought-after […]

Renewable energy is a topic that has been making the rounds in scientific circles and communities for the last few decades. This increasing interest in alternative energy resources is a result of growing alarm about the dangers of using non-renewable energy sources like fossil fuel. We are now living in the 21s century and we […]