Cars are traditionally thought of as being bad for the environment. The overall population of the world is starting to increase quite a bit. However, the number of cars on the road is increasing at an even faster pace. The current rate of emissions is already high enough to cause concern. Hence, you can imagine what a massive increase in the number of cars would do to the environment. It’s estimated that about 800 million new cars will be on the road in the next fifteen years. This is a massive increase. There are currently 1.2 billion cars on the road, and this increase would take this number past 2 billion.

It’s easy to tell people to stop buying cars. Acting on this idea is not so easy, though. Cars are necessary for humanity. They allow us to travel quickly and facilitate our fast paced world. Instead of reducing the number of cars, work needs to be done to make the cars themselves less environmentally hazardous. One way to do this would be to switch to solar powered cars which have a miniscule impact when compared to fossil fuel powered vehicles.

Lots of companies have started investing in this field. It has the potentially to change the way we think about cars. No longer does a car have to emit fumes that cause pollution and global warming. What’s more is that you don’t need to refuel your solar powered car. It will never run out of gas if it has solar panels on it. In order to understand the importance of the solar powered car, you must first learn about the benefits of such a vehicle. Listed below are ten amazing environmental benefits of the solar powered car.

They Make Carbon Emissions Easy to Reduce

About twenty percent of total carbon emissions in the US come from personal vehicles and trucks. A single liter of fossil fuel used to power such cars produces around three kilos of carbon dioxide, one of the worst gases that lead to pollution and climate change. Carbon dioxide isn’t the only harmful gas that is produced through this process either. Lots of other pollutants are released as well.

It’s not just the act of driving a car that releases carbon dioxide and other pollutants into the air. Collecting this fuel and refining it contributes to emissions too. Solar cars do not contribute to these emissions at all. This is a non combustion based form of energy production. Solar power is absorbed by photovoltaic cells on the vehicle. This is then converted into electricity.

You might think that electric cars are the same thing in this case. This is actually quite wrong. Electric cars use whatever form of electricity is available. Usually this comes from the same fossil fuel based sources. Hence, electric cars only partially solve the problem. They don’t come anywhere close to the reductions in carbon emissions that solar powered vehicles can end up facilitating.

Separate solar cars are being made, but manufacturers are also working on solar kits. These are kits that can be added to any vehicle. The process is complicated but worth it. Once installed, the solar kit will allow you to power your car through solar energy. This can take a lot of the hassle out of reducing carbon emissions and make it more likely that people would switch to this source of energy.

It’s not easy to convince people to make such a major switch. What’s more is that solar powered cars are often expensive. Solar kits can make the conversion process more accessible. Eventually solar powered cars will have to be produced, but this is a good stopgap until that day comes. Getting solar kits can take us a long way towards managing our carbon emissions and letting the atmosphere of our planet clean itself up a little.

An added benefit of these solar kits is that they are compact and portable. What’s more is that the components of the solar kit are quite durable and long lasting. They don’t require major time or monetary investments into their maintenance.

They Can Help The Agricultural Sector

If you can easily buy any produce you want at the supermarket then you are quite lucky. The agricultural sector is more important than ever because of the swelling human population. It needs to produce more food each year. Pollution and harmful gases produced by fossil fuels can make this difficult. Nitrous oxide and methane are particularly troublesome in this regard.

There are a number of ways in which these pollutants harm the agricultural sector. Plants need oxygen to survive, and the same goes for crops. If the air has nitrous oxide and methane in it, oxygen content starts to decrease. Crops start breathing in the dirty air and the quality of the produce is subsequently diminished. Greenhouse gases are killing our agricultural industry, and our cars are responsible for this.

The main problem here is that this leads to lower yields. More farmland is required to maintain a basic level of production. What’s more is that the quality of the crops goes down as well. People are being forced to eat crops that really aren’t that healthy. This effect is building over time. Pregnant mothers that eat bad crops grown in polluted atmospheres might have children with birth defects. Kids that are growing up and need nutrition would also be stunted due to these low quality crops.

Greenhouse gases are an inevitable consequence of fossil fuel usage. They are the leftovers from the chemical reaction that fossil fuels use to provide energy. Solar power does not require any such reactions. It does not produce chemicals at all, in fact. The reaction happens entirely inside the solar panel. Each solar cell contains silicon. The silicon is naturally stimulated by solar energy. This makes the material release electrons which are then converted into clean energy. Throughout this process, absolutely no harmful gases or chemicals are released.

It is important for humanity to reduce its environmental footprint if the agricultural sector is to be saved. Solar powers help make this possible. Farmland often has to be set up far away from roads to prevent pollution from impacting crops. With solar powered vehicles, this would no longer be necessary. A solar powered car can travel right next to a field of crops and have no impact on it. This leads to improved air quality and soil quality. The crops that end up growing would be healthy and nourishing, and yields would be greatly increased as well.

They Help Reduce Smog

Big cities being dirty and polluted has become a trope. Many people have just accepted pollution as smog as an inescapable aspect of big cities. This is a dangerous line of thought. Smog is very harmful for people. It can cause serious lung problems. Prolonged exposure could even lead to some forms of lung cancer. Smog is particularly dangerous for pregnant women and children. Much like polluted crops, smog can cause birth defects. In fact, it is even more dangerous in this regard. Children that breathe in smog throughout their youth often suffer from cognitive impairment. This is because they don’t get enough oxygen which kills brain cells.

One solution that is often proposed is the electric vehicle. Such a car does manage to bring smog levels down a bit. However, electric cars still release smog from their tires and brakes. This means that they are in no way a perfect solution. Many refer to electric vehicles as a band-aid solution. They give the appearance of improving things but don’t really do much in the grand scheme of things. A more radical approach is required if smog levels are to be brought down.

The radical approach that we are referring to here is, of course, solar powered cars. Cars that run on solar energy don’t contribute to smog formation at all. Just imagine a big city where the skies are clear and the air is pure! This is a dream that could turn into reality if you and everyone around you started using solar cars. We often assume that bad things can’t change because they are inevitable. The truth is that the world can be a lot better if people started embracing modern technology.

Lower levels of smog can lead to much better cardiovascular health for many people. Heart attacks and other cardiovascular illnesses are a major cause of death. About 1 out of every 3 Americans live in areas where smog levels are dangerously high. Pollution isn’t just an environmental epidemic, it’s a health epidemic too. Once enough people switch to solar cars, it’s not too much of a stretch to say that people will start living longer lives. This can improve economic conditions as well by enabling people to work better and take fewer days off due to sickness. This can help them save their days off for relaxation which is also great for the economy!

They Help Combat Global Warming

Pollution is a big problem, but it’s not the only one caused by fossil fuels. Greenhouse gases have an added effect. They trap heat in the atmosphere. Heat from the sun enters our atmosphere but much of it also leaves the surface of our planet. Greenhouse gases that collect in our ozone layer prevent this heat from escaping. This is causing a gradual rise in global temperatures. A small average increase of just one percent can potentially cause a lot of problems such as flooding, storms and desertification.

It’s not limited to bad weather. Higher temperatures are causing many species to become extinct. Humans often make the mistake of assuming that we are the only species that matters. The truth of the situation is that we are part of a vast and interconnected ecosystem. We can survive if the ecosystem is damaged a little bit. But widespread extinctions can destabilize the natural orders of things. The effects of this can snowball as well. Animals that were predators would suddenly be without prey. This would lead to them starving. Nature has a careful equilibrium put in place. Eventually this equilibrium will have to stabilize itself, and that could destroy all of humanity if we don’t act soon.

Many areas of our planet are also starting to become uninhabitable. Hot areas are becoming too hot to live in, forcing people to move north or south depending on what side of the equator they are on. This can cause overpopulation in the precious few areas where life can still thrive. Increasing global temperatures also cause polar ice caps to melt. This raises the base level of our oceans. Shorelines start to get swallowed up. Also, cities that are built on the coast start to get flooded.

It’s fair to say that global warming is pretty close to causing an irreversible catastrophe. Solar powered cars don’t have any of the negative aspects of fossil fuels. They don’t release any chemicals or gases that cause global warming. Human progress is important but there’s no point to it if the world becomes barren. The use of solar powered vehicles can allow us to keep moving forward and maintain our planet as well. The Earth is a very precious resource. It’s the only planet we know of that can sustain life. Therefore, keeping it safe should be our topmost priority.

They Can Help Make Urban Transport Sustainable

Big cities are around for a reason. It’s very useful to have a large collection of people who are trading with and working for one another. These people need to move around though, and the only way in which they would be able to do that would be through public transportation systems. Many also praise public transport as a solution to pollution and other environmental concerns. This is true to an extent. If people travel en masse then there’s no reason to use cars. This means fewer cars on the road which could reduce emissions.

This is very much a stopgap solution, though. Public transport that runs on fossil fuels is just as bad for the environment as any other car. We can’t settle for just reducing emissions. We need to focus on other things such as eliminating them completely. While public transport is a step in the right direction, it needs to be optimized so that pollution can start to dissipate. Urban transportation is a necessary step to facilitate commerce in cities, so this is definitely a big problem that requires some kind of a solution

The great thing about solar powered cars is that they eliminate the need for public transport. Everyone can just have their own car and the freedom to move around that comes with it. This won’t contribute to pollution or climate change either. Public transport can also be facilitated through solar power. Solar buses are becoming commonplace in a lot of areas. This is the most economical and sustainable way of allowing people to move around in big cities. It’s not just convenient, it’s sustainable as well. We need to learn that there is no point to progress if it can’t be sustained. Ten years of progress are meaningless if they are wreaking havoc in the world around us.

Solar powered cars provide a mixture of economic security and growth along with environmental friendliness. They also create new forms of business that people can take advantage of. This spells out an excellent solution for many of the problems of big cities. Job creation, sustainability, energy generation, all of these issues are dealt with if solar powered cars become commonplace.

They Decrease Fossil Fuel Consumption

The entire world is being powered through fossil fuels right now. These fuels allow us to have electricity in our homes. They also increase our standards of living. Hence, people are not going to move away from fossil fuels entirely anytime soon. That said, a large chunk of fossil fuel consumption is meant to power cars. Hence, solar powered cars can help put a dent in this. Decreasing fossil fuel consumption even a little bit can be a huge victory for all of humanity.

There is another problem with fossil fuels that no one likes to talk about. This is that they are not the kind of resource that lasts forever. There is a limited supply of such fuels in the ground. The only reason we haven’t run out yet is because fossil fuel companies keep inventing newer and more invasive ways to find fuel. This doesn’t mean that there will always be a new reserve to discover, though. It just means that oil, gas and coal companies are digging deeper and in more remote places.

This leads to another issue with fossil fuels. Since we still rely on them even though easily accessible reserves will soon be exhausted, the planet is starting to get destroyed in our search for a new supply. There is probably more fossil fuel deeper into the Earth’s crust and underneath our oceans. The only problem is that accessing it does a lot of damage. Oil spills in the ocean are quite common. They can harm marine life. Fish in particular get harmed, especially the ones we eat. This means that in order to power our world, we might just have to destroy it. That is, if we stick to fossil fuels.

The sun is an infinite source of energy. There is no chance of it going away, at least not in the next few billion years. You don’t need to dig deeper to find more solar power. In fact, we haven’t even come close to using even a fraction of the total solar energy that comes to our planet. If we manage to utilize all of it, we would have enough energy to power several planets at the same time.

Energy Could Become Cheaper

Anyone that wants to poke holes in the benefits of solar power will point to its cost. Admittedly, solar power involves a large initial investment. This is why it is being adopted so slowly as of right now. That said, the cost of this energy source has increased significantly as time has gone by. Just a few decades ago it was impossibly expensive and people often made fun of it. Now, though, it is something that people often get installed in their homes to reduce their energy bills. This is a pretty serious decrease in implementation costs.

Solar power is going to become even cheaper as time goes by. Technology just needs to advance a little bit until cheap solar panels become common. The ultimate goal of solar power is that anyone should be able to generate electricity through solar energy at a very low cost.

When it comes to solar powered cars, the benefits are even more pronounced. One of the biggest expenses associated with cars is fuel. You have to keep refilling your tank of gas if you want to get anywhere. This is a running cost that needs to be maintained on a weekly basis for most people.

With solar powered cars, that cost pretty much disappears. People can just buy a car and have that be the only expense they need to deal with. Many people don’t buy cars because they think they won’t be able to afford the fuel costs. Taking this out of the equation can facilitate easy transportation for everybody.

Cheaper energy is essential for saving the planet. It will reduce the premium that we currently place on fossil fuels. It will also make widespread transportation accessible to a large populace. The initial cost of solar systems is going down dramatically. Eventually, the solar component of a solar powered car would be the smallest manufacturing expense. Hence, solar power cars would be sold at the exact same price as fossil fuel cars are today. This should resolve any concerns people might have about costs and such.

Their Maintenance is Less Environmentally Destructive

A fossil fuel combustion engine is quite dirty and bad for the environment. The main drawback that this has is the amount of water it requires. Water is a precious resource. You might think that it’s easy to access but there are millions of people that don’t have clean water. With regular cars, water is required for two different things. We are going to be discussing each of these things in detail.

The first use for water in a regular car is to cool down the engine. Combustion produces heat. Coolant is required to keep the temperature of the engine stable. This is another destructive chemical that can damage the environment. Sometimes the coolant is not enough and water needs to be added. This puts a drain on this precious resource.

The second thing that water is used for is cleaning the engine and exhaust ports. The emissions that a car produces leave a residue. If you let this residue built up, it can ruin your car. Water and soap is the only thing that can clean this part of your vehicle.

One major benefit of a solar powered car is that it doesn’t need any water. There is no heat producing engine that needs to be cooled down. The car won’t produce emissions either so you won’t have to use water for cleaning purposes. This means that maintaining a solar powered car is far less destructive to the environment.

They Are Silent

Smog and chemical pollution are bad, but noise pollution might just be worse. People often don’t realize just how loud cars can be. Living in front of a road can be a nightmare. Especially if the road is busy at night. The noise of passing cars would probably keep you up. Sleep is important, this is a crucial factor to consider. Fossil fuel cars are noisy because of the combustion engine. It produces a hum and often a roar when it is working. Solar powered cars don’t produce any such noise. In fact, they can operate virtually silently.

This creates the amazing prospect of a silent city. We are so often surrounded by noise that we forget how wonderful silence can be. Noise pollution also harms the overall environment. Animals and birds are forced to leave their habitats because they can’t stand the noise. It either startles and disorients them or it disturbs their sleep patterns.

The solar powered car is an important step that humanity can take to reduce the noise it creates. It can reduce the intense anxiety that comes with being surrounded by noise and having no place where you can go to escape from it.

They Continue to Run Regardless of Disasters

If the petroleum supply chain is compromised, people won’t be able to use their cars. This isn’t true for those with solar powered cars, though. These cars are independent of all other factors. Whether an earthquake has occurred or a global pandemic has dried up oil reserves, solar cars will continue to function because all they need is the sun. They have great batteries too which means that you can keep using them in overcast conditions as well.

This makes solar powered cars an important tool for crisis situations. They can keep supply chains active even when catastrophe strikes. Planning for emergencies is important, and the past year has made that quite clear. Things may seem normal on a given day but the whole world can turn upside down in a matter of a single day. Solar powered cars are a reliable way to keep yourself safe during such catastrophes. It’s important to be able to travel places, especially if something dangerous is happening around you. Depending on a liquid fuel that is dug out from the ground and shipped to your country is a decidedly old fashioned way of doing things. It’s high time that we enter a true age of modernity.


It is important to change the way we live to secure the future of our planet. Switching to solar powered cars allows us to do this. We won’t have to give up on our easy mode of transportation either. It’s safe to say that solar powered cars can change the world. Hundreds of thousands of them are already on the road. It’s estimated that by 2050, a majority of cars being used will be solar powered. The benefits of such a vehicle are just too great to ignore, and an impending climate catastrophe is encouraging more people to try it out.

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