World is now converting to renewable energy resources. Solar energy is one of the best alternatives to the non-renewable energy resources. More countries are now converting to solar energy for their electricity needs.

Solar energy is eco-friendly and cheaper to produce. That’s why more countries are choosing this as an alternative. Solar energy can help us in retaining some of the non-renewable resources that are being drained quickly due to their usage in energy production.

#1 China

China is the largest producer of solar power in the world right now. It has an incredible capacity of generating around 131 GW.

What’s even better? China produces it’s very own solar related equipment and doesn’t import much from the outside world. So, that’s worth mentioning too.

China even exports most of its solar panels. It holds the largest shares of photovoltaic and solar thermal energy in the entire world right now. It makes around 45 percent of the total solar power that being generated. China aims to take this percentage to 70 by 2025.

China isn’t only making the solar panels, but it also has made them very affordable. It sells them twice as cheap compared to other competitors.

#2 India

India comes second in our list of the countries with the most solar power generation. It registered 10,800 MW of combined solar power in 2019.

Although the country is far behind from China in the solar race, it is growing really fast. The country aims to help the poor and needy in accessing electricity in cheap rates, or even for free in rural settings.

By increasing its solar power generation, India’s main goal seems to help it farmers in cutting the costs in irrigation and other tasks.

#3 United States

America has always been in the list of top countries with respect to solar power. USA currently generated around 10,600 MW of solar energy through its huge solar power plants.

Mostly, solar panels on rooftops are used to make solar energy in the United States. California is the state with the most solar power production in USA.

America also has some of the biggest players in solar energy department. Citizens are encouraged to use solar energy by installing solar panels on their rooftops. The idea has been getting a lot of traction in the country, and more households and businesses are converting to it.

#4 Japan

Japan comes fourth on the list with a total solar power capacity of 6,500 MW. A small portion of Japan’s energy needs is fulfilled by solar power plants.

Japan doesn’t have a good history with nuclear energy (referring to the 2005 nuclear incident). So, they are always looking to replace it with something better. Japan began setting its goal to slowly and steadily replaced the nation’s energy current sources with renewable and cleaner solar power.

The country plans to continue its efforts to reach higher heights with solar power. More plans are in the pipeline to keep the progress steady over time.

#5 Australia

The Australian government has built several solar power projects to fuel the nation’s growing electricity demands. The solar power industry is definitely booming in Australia.

Australia has reached a potential of 12,000 MW by installing solar panels over the years. Main public places, like airports, buildings, stations and schools are being converted to solar power to raise awareness in the general public. More projects are still underway to add to the country’s total solar power capacity.

Australia’s hot and dry environment favors the production of solar power. This increases the country’s total capacity as compared to other countries.

Australia aims to fulfill 20 percent of its total energy needs by renewable energy sources, and solar is one of them. However, the country has a much bigger potential than what it’s currently doing in the solar power regime.

#6 Germany

Solar panels are an abundant method of solar energy production in Germany. Around 6% of the Germany’s total electricity demand is met by solar power.

Germany used to be China’s main competitor in producing solar panels locally. However, China took the solar industry over time. Most of the Germans attached with the solar power industry lost their jobs.

The country also tests CSP solar technology along with the photovoltaic solar panels. Germany’s main goal is to increase the share of solar power in their national annual power generation, and take it to 80% by 2025.

#7 Mexico

Mexico is also one of the largest producers of solar energy. Since the insulation in Mexico is really high, all of their energy needs can be met by using the photovoltaic solar panels.

Mexico has included in its national policy to reach a certain level of solar energy production by 2025. However, most of the solar panels are owned by households and businesses that use them on their rooftops to generate energy.

The trend of going solar Mexico has become far more popular as compared to the government’s expectations. The government is set to easily meet its goal well before the deadline.

#8 France

France was reported to have reached 7000 MW in solar power production by the end of 2017. France is making a rapid progress in this department. The solar panel deployments are projected to reach 20 GW in 2023. However, the country seems to lack political motivation to do so.

The concept of solar power gained much popularity in France at the start, but stated getting sidelined because of the lack of support. This behavior has been criticized by many media outlets.

Solar power in France isn’t as feasible as countries like Australia which have more insolation, but it still can help the poor and remote regions in the country.

#9 Turkey

Turkey is placed at a great position and extended both into the Middle East and Europe. Its position allows it to have around 7 hours of insolation per day, which is great to make lots of solar power. Currently, turkey generates around 1,500 MW in solar energy.

Turkey is made certain laws for the usage of solar power, and encourages its citizens to convert to the renewable type of energy. Solar plants for water heating are also used widely in Turkey, so, not all the electricity is generated by solar panels.

#10 Spain

Spain is one of the top ten countries in the world with the most amount of solar panels installed. It also uses the CSP technology for power generation purposes.

Spain is one of the countries with the longest hours of sunlight. The Spanish government failed to emphasize the importance of solar energy due to its own financial crisis.

Spain now has plans to make around 4 GW of electricity from renewable energy, and solar power is one of the available options.

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